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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Former German police officer Nick Hein says: " Cologne gang has no fear".

Former German police officer Nick Hein says: " Cologne gang has no fear".(smh).

Cologne: With a new police report blaming predominantly north African migrants for the horrific sexual assaults and robberies at Cologne's train station on New Year's Eve, one man is not surprised.

Former police officer Nick Hein says on his facebook page that a migrant crime gang was operating with impunity at the station, in the knowledge that they could not lose their refugee status.

Mr Hein wrote on Facebook on Sunday that he was a policeman for more than 11 years, and in the last three of those he had shifts at the main train station in Cologne.

"It was a special place," he said. "You saw the depths of humanity – drugs, organised theft, asylum seekers and suicide."

But pickpocketing was "by far the biggest crime phenomenon at Cologne central station", he said.

"It was almost always the same group of offenders – north African asylum seekers."

Mr Hein said the obvious question was "how can an asylum seeker commit crimes without fear of being deported"?

The answer, he said, was article 53 of Germany's Residence Act, which allows foreigners to be deported but only in serious cases – crimes punishable by at least three years' imprisonment.

"This is unbelievable to me," Mr Hein wrote. Read the full story here.

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