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Monday, December 21, 2015

Two Tunisian - Belgian brothers arrested In Belgium In Probe Of Paris Terrorist Attacks.

Two Tunisian - Belgian brothers arrested In Belgium In Probe Of Paris Terrorist Attacks. (HLN). [GoogleTranslated].

The father of the brothers, who were arrested last night in the investigation into the attacks in Paris, said in an interview with tvbrussel, he noticed nothing that would have pointed to a radicalization process in his sons Hamza and Sabri.

The brothers were arrested yesterday evening in the Sleutelstraat in Brussels. Hamza (23) works as a security guard in the seaside town of Ostend and Sabri (30) works in a Brussels bookstore.

The father, who did not want to testify in front of the camera, is a Tunisian and arrived in the 70s in Belgium. His family has lived since 1982 in Brussels. The eldest brother Sabri lives with his wife and three children on the fourth floor in an apartment in the Sleutelstraat.

Telephony Research has shown that the terrorists while they were executing their massacre in the French capital, they were directly in contact with two mobiles appliances in Belgium. 

The main suspect is not one of the two brothers who were arrested during the search. The investigators hope through them to get to the "director." What role both brothers just played, and whether they had anything to do with the attacks, is not yet clear.

Who is the man behind this mobile phone sets, is not known. But he would be searched as hard as the fugitive terrorist Salah Abdeslam (26) and Mohamed Abrini (30). The investigators assume that the man in question was not just indirectly involved in the terror, but possibly Directed the whole attack and coordinated it from Belgium. 

  In total Five people were taken in custody (French).

Police detained two brothers and their friends in a raid on a central district of Brussels late on December 20. Two more people were taken into custody in another search on December 21 in the north of the city.

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