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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tunisia: Arrest of a female student for effective recruiting 1,000 girls for terrorist group.

Tunisia-Beja: Arrest of a female student for effective recruiting  1,000 girls for  terrorist group. (TN). [Google translated].

A girl, aged 16 at the high school Taher Achour Nefza (governorate of Beja), was arrested for recruiting of about 1,000 students to an extremist organization.

The accused is responsible for the recruitment of students through social networks and by telephone to the terrorist organization Ansar Sharia 'that sends young people in Syria, said a security source TAP reported.

The girl appeared before the national unit of fight against terrorism Wednesday, December 2, 2015, after investigation. She was arrested during a raid at her home following the confession of another student, says the same source .  Hmmm.....This story is so far unconfirmed. I asked one Tunisian contact if they can confirm this story.

Update: Tunisian Press agency seems to confirm arrest but no mention of 1,000 girls.

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