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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trudeau government’s approach displays unprecedented arrogance.

Trudeau government’s approach displays unprecedented arrogance. (Thestar).

The throne speech delivered to Parliament on Friday featured the usual platitudes and vague commitments. However, it made one very specific engagement, a crystal-clear commitment: “To make sure that every vote counts,” it declared, “the government will undertake consultations on electoral reform, and will take action to ensure that 2015 will be the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post voting system.”
More importantly, the government declares that regardless of consultations, it will end the voting system that has been in use in Canada since democracy was introduced here in 1791 and which has anchored our political culture.
What is the point of promising consultations if the government has already made up its mind to proceed?

Remarkably, this voting system is not enshrined in our Constitution. The Constitution Act specifies that Members of Parliament must be “elected” but says nothing about what system is to be used to choose who will sit in the House of Commons. There is no constitutional amending formula that applies to any changes made to how Canadians vote. In other words, the government can do what it wants.
But the Trudeau government’s approach displays unprecedented arrogance.
The government of Canada simply cannot assume the powers of unilaterally changing the way in which we vote. It must conduct true consultations — rigorous and comprehensive consultations that are not simply driven by the self-appointed advocates of reform.

Regardless of its quality, however, the consultation process must also include a referendum, no matter how much it costs. And if that referendum rejects reform, the government must abide by the result. One thing is for sure: the electoral process is not Ottawa’s to change unilaterally. No government has the moral right to alter the precious process of elections without the approval of the people. Hmmmm.....As i warned The Canuck version of Obama on Steroids. Read the full story here.

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