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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Saudi Grand Mufti calls ISIS “part of the Israeli army”

Saudi Grand Mufti calls ISIS “part of the Israeli army”. (Brookings).

The most senior cleric in Saudi Arabia has called for greater Islamic cooperation against the Islamic State, while also labeling ISIS a "part of the Israeli army." The revealing interview this week with Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh provides important insight into the Wahhabi establishment, which is the core partner of the House of Saud.

The Mufti praised the creation of an Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism, promising the alliance will defeat the Islamic State, which he labeled a heretical and un-Islamic movement. The new alliance is the brainchild of Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Prince Muhammed bin Salman, the king’s favorite son.

Referring to a recent threat by ISIS leader against Israel, the grand mufti said: “This threat against Israel is simply a lie. Actually, Daesh is part of the Israeli soldiers,” he said using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

Both the Mufti's remarks and al-Baghdadi's illustrate that Israel remains the hot button issue in the Kingdom. If you want to smear your enemy, label him a stooge of Israel. Hmmm......When everything else fails.....blame the Jews. Read the full story here.

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