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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Samir Kuntar died as an Iranian Terrorist, not Hezbollah’s.

Islamofascists......they Do Excist.

Samir Kuntar died as an Iranian terrorist, not Hezbollah’s. (TOI).
After taking Danny and four-year old Einat hostage, Kuntar and his group took them down to the beach. Samir Kuntar quickly shot Danny in the back and then drowned him in the Mediterranean Sea to ensure his death. While Kuntar drowned Danny, he forced terrified Einat to watch and cry. According to eyewitnesses, "Danny was murdered in front of Einat so that his death would be the last sight she would ever see." Little Einat would not have that horrible memory in her head for long. Kuntar, the brave Lebanese freedom fighter, crushed Einat's skull over and over upon the rocks with the butt of his rifle until she was dead. Read the full story here.

In recent years, the notorious killer was allied with Tehran against Israel; still, the Lebanese militia will retaliate — the only question is when.

As has been the case following previous alleged Israeli airstrikes, Hezbollah and its chief Hassan Nasrallah are now faced with a thorny dilemma: to retaliate or not to retaliate, or perhaps more accurately, how to retaliate, since the response is sure to come.

The assassination of Samir Kuntar, who became a member of Hezbollah after his release from Israeli prison in 2008, is another in a series of blows to the Shiite Lebanese militia, on both an operational and a symbolic level.

The attack attributed to the Israel Air Force, in which missiles were launched at a building in a neighborhood of Damascus that has a high concentration of Druse residents, and in which additional Hezbollah field commanders were killed, would constitute a major intelligence achievement for Israel. It is not simple to obtain real-time information on the entry into a safe house by terror operatives who know that they are wanted targets for Israel.

It bares noting that despite Samir Kuntar's terrorist past and his involvement in the murder of Danny Haran and his daughter Einat, as well as two police officers on the beach in Nahariya, the considerations standing before those who carried out the operation were mainly connected to his current involvement in attempts to organize terror attacks on Israel from the Syrian Golan Heights.

In other words, the reason for his assassination is not his past actions, but rather the danger he currently poses and his potential to continue to carry out terror activities against Israel.

In recent months, Kuntar was working under the guidance of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, and had slightly distanced himself from Hezbollah. In this sense, one could say that Kuntar died as a mercenary for Iran rather than a model Hezbollah fighter. Farhan al-Shaalan, a second commander listed among the dead in the strike, was also enlisted by the Iranians rather than Hezbollah.

Still, because Kuntar was significant to Hezbollah, which had won his release from prison, a retaliation against Israel for the strike is likely to come. He’s identified with the Shiite group despite being Druze, and had been spotted at various events organized by Hezbollah.

In the past few months, Hezbollah has launched a massive draft of youths 17 and older to make up for its losses. However, the recruits are not at the same level as the trained and sophisticated fighters that filled its ranks just a few years ago. The thousands of young recruits still require months of training, and Hezbollah is thus unlikely for now to seek out war with Israel. Hmmmm.........The Billions from the Iran deal will create many more monsters like this one, thanks Obama. Read the full story here, more here.

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