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Friday, December 4, 2015

Russia warned Thailand of ISIS terrorists infiltration.

Russia warned Thailand of ISIS terrorists infiltration. (TOI).

Thai police on Friday said Moscow’s top intelligence agency has warned a group of 10 militants from the self-styled Islamic State has entered the kingdom to target Russians.

A leaked letter, marked “secret” and “urgent” and signed by the deputy head of Thailand’s special branch, was widely circulated on local media late Thursday.

It said Moscow’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has told Thai police that 10 Syrian militants from Islamic State entered the country between October 15 and 31 to target Russian interests.

Thailand is a major holiday destination for Russian tourists, particularly during the peak Christmas and New Year holidays.

They (the Syrians) travelled separately. Four went to Pattaya, two to Phuket, two to Bangkok and the other two to (an) unknown location,” the letter said, citing the information from Russia’s top intelligence agency.

Any confirmation that Islamic State militants have entered the country will likely cause panic among holidaymakers, especially in busy resort areas such as Phuket and Pattaya — both popular with Russians. Read the full story here, more here.

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