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Monday, December 14, 2015

Ontario’s skyrocketing electricity prices endanger domestic manufacturing.

Ontario’s skyrocketing electricity prices endanger domestic manufacturing. (GM). By Adam White.

As an advocate for some of Ontario’s largest manufacturers, we fear the province’s long-term electricity plan is placing too high a financial burden on industry.

Our manufacturers are currently paying excessively high electricity rates for power the system doesn’t need; this surplus energy is then sold to our competitors in neighbouring jurisdictions (Quebec, New York, Michigan, Illinois) for a heavily discounted price. The math just doesn’t make sense.

This trend results in two outcomes. They can close, further opening the door to suppliers south of the border. Or they can move to the United States or Mexico.

Electricity costs in Ontario are unlikely to ease.The cost, in multiple billions, will be borne by Ontario electricity customers.

As policy-makers in Ontario and elsewhere turn their attention to the energy sector, we need to make sure that they keep the interests of Canadians in mind.Read the full story here.

Adam White is the President of the Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario

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