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Friday, December 4, 2015

Is Canada’s new Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs an Islamist?


Is Canada’s new Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs an Islamist? By Daniel Pipes.

Ezra Levant gives five instances of Alghabra's Islamist-leaning record at the Western Standard's blog:
  1. Alghabra has condemned CanWest newspapers for labeling groups like Hamas and Hezbollah "terrorist" groups;
  2. Alghabra has welcomed al-Jazeera to Canada and railed against any restrictions on it, but condemned the CRTC for allowing the "abusive" Fox News Channel in;
  3. In the wake of the Arab riots at Concordia that shut down a speech by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Alghabra had the temerity to blame Jewish students for silencing campus discussions, and supported an Arab conference on campus whose stated mission was the elimination of Israel;
  4. Alghabra has called for the total abolition of Canada's anti-terrorism laws.
There is also a sixth point, namely Alghabra's support for the Canadian government applying Shari'a law, a major issue in Ontario over the past two years. His backing for this initiative comes out in an interview with Alghabra in Al Mughtarib, a Canadian weekly, dated Dec. 14. (This article is not on the Al Mughtarib website; I was alerted to it by a comment on this entry by a reader named "hr" who sent me a scan of the Arabic text.) In reply to a question about the Shari'a, Alghabra replies:
Unfortunately, the majority of [Canadian] Muslims remained silent during the research of this law and abandoned the field to a dissenting minority [of Muslims] which had a louder voice. As a result, this plan ended in failure. The problem was not a stand taken [by non-Muslims] against Muslims, but it was we [Muslims] who were divided among ourselves and disunited in our ranks.
In an interview with the Jewish Tribune, Alghabra made a series of statements regarding the Middle East that, in his interviewer's understated words, "could be a cause for concern."
  • Alghabra claimed he has "always spoken out against extremism and violence against civilians," but when asked specifically to denounce suicide bombers, he claimed that he was being "trapped" and refused comment.
  • What about Hamas, which is committed to Israel's destruction? "I don't believe that Hamas wants the elimination of Israel."
  • He wants Israel completely to return to its June 4, 1967, "in accordance with [United Nations] Resolution 242." Reminded that 242 calls on Israel to withdraw from "territories," not "all territories" gained in the Six Day War, Alghabra insisted that: "242 means all territories."
  • Asked whether his views on the Middle East represent Liberal Party policy, Alghabra replied, "Yes."
According to the Al Jezeera News Service, Omar Alghabra is a “long-time personal friend” to Prime Minister Trudeau. Additionally, Mr Alghabra is stated to have been able to “recruit more than 12,000 volunteers across the country to work for Trudeau’s campaign.”

Israel's National news wonders......A sign of the true Trudeau?

Given Alghabra's past, many are raising concerns that his appointment to an office deciding foreign policy may indicate the line Trudeau intends to follow.

"Normally, in politics, Alghabra is someone you keep far away from you. But Trudeau keeps Alghabra very close – he’s been the key to unlocking the anti-Israel vote, the anti-Semitic vote, the pro-Hamas vote, and the pro-sharia vote." said Ezra Levent.

  Hmmm...........It seems for sure that Israel just lost another Ally and gained a new 'enemy'. Read the full story here, More here  And Here at Aretz Sheva.

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