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Thursday, December 17, 2015

'IAEA admitted Israel was right Iran tried to build nuclear bomb'

'IAEA admitted Israel was right Iran tried to build bomb'. (INN).

On Monday, as it announced it would be wrapping up its investigation into Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors in Vienna received a report from the IAEA Director General bringing evidence that Iran had indeed been working towards building a nuclear explosive device up until 2009.

This was one of the most important days in the nuclear Iran affair, and the IAEA board of governors did nothing” said a distraught Dr. Ephraim Asculai.

The findings of the report were presented after a long survey which the IAEA did on Iran to determine the PMD or Possible Military Dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program.

The report said that Iran had been working in a very organized manner on developing a nuclear explosive device for a number of years up until 2009," said Asculai, who worked at the Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) for over 40 years, mainly on issues of nuclear and environmental safety.

Iran, for its part, has always denied this. However the IAEA report now states very explicitly, that Iran was lying and working on a PMD nuclear weapon.

“The report was submitted, and everyone nodded, and no one did anything about it. Nothing was said. It was accepted as is, and then people said let’s move on. It is absurd,” said Asculai.

Asculai said that the United States in particular doesn’t want to do anything about it, and that their negligence and apathy is dangerous. “This precedent paves the way for anyone to develop nuclear weapons,” he explained.

“This entire episode verifies what Israel knew before. That on the issue of Iran, there are very few countries that we can depends on. Some people call it an appeasement issue, and I think that they may be right.”   Hmmmm.......So what about that 'Nuclear fatwa' that it is Haram to use nuclear weapons? ....BS that Obama knows and even Kerry acknowledged by this tweet.

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