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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dozens Enter Germany With Fake Syrian Passports, Frontex chief warns 'Only limited Guarantee of validity of passports'

Dozens Enter Germany With Fake Syrian Passports, Frontex chief warns 'Only limited Guarantee of validity of passports'. (SP).

Dozens of alleged refugees have entered Germany on fake Syrian passports, which were produced using technology similar to that used to forge documents for some of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks, the German Bild newspaper reported Tuesday, citing government sources.

Stolen genuine documents were so intricately altered by counterfeiters that the forgery was not detected immediately, meaning those who entered the country on fake passports have not yet been found, according to the newspaper.

The majority of the forged passports originate in the Syrian city of Raqqa, one of the key Islamic State (IS, or Deash in Arabic) strongholds.

In September, the executive director of the EU border agency Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri, said a new trend of using fake Syrian passports to increase a migrant's chances of being granted permission to remain in the European Union was gaining momentum.

The Frontex chief said, though his officials controlled very accurately whether refugees entered the country with possibly forged or stolen documents. "Nevertheless, the validity of refugee passports is in our view very limited," said Leggeri.
In a civil war the country such as Syria finally nobody could guarantee, "that the documents that look real, were actually issued by an official authority or be really carried by the rightful owner."
In March it was reported that the terrorist militia IS killed in East Syrian Al-Rakka around 3,800 Syrian blank passports in their hands. A report of the Bielefeld "Westfalen-sheet", the German Federal Criminal Police Office had confirmed this (BKA).

An imminent danger that terrorists could thus traveling to Europe stand, not because of the visa requirement, a spokeswoman said at the time yet. Meanwhile, refugees and migrants in large numbers are largely entered uncontrollably in the EU. Hmmm......Canada....'Let's bring in 50,000 Syrian refugeees' ....because we love playing Russian roulette'. 

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