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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bosnian police arrest 11 people in Sarajevo over alleged ISIS links.

Bosnia and Herzegovina's State Agency for Investigations and Protection (SIPA) officers arresting a man on terrorism charges, April 15 ©HO (SIPA/AFP)

Bosnian police arrest 11 people in Sarajevo over alleged ISIS links. (DS).

Bosnian police Tuesday launched an anti-terror raid in the capital Sarajevo and arrested 11 people suspected of having links to ISIS, officials said.

"Eleven people were arrested. They are suspected of terrorism, financing and preparing a terrorist act as well as inciting candidates to go to the battlefields abroad," a police spokesman told AFP.

According to state-run FTV television, one of the leaders of Bosnia's Islamist movement, Muric Kemal, was among those arrested.

"The objective of this major operation was to track down some 15 people who... are close to radical groups and structures of ISIS, as well as people who are on the battlefields in Syria or Iraq," national prosecutors in charge of terrorism said in a statement.

Searches were conducted at two places of prayer as well as at several homes used by the suspects, it said. "Physical evidence of the links with ISIS structures were seized."

Out of some 200 Bosnian nationals who joined extremist groups in Syria and Iraq in 2012 and 2013, at least 26 have died while about 50 have returned to the Balkan country, according to the authorities. Read the full story here.

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