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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Afghanistan - pro-government armed men behead Four IS terrorists to revenge comrades.

Afghanistan - Nangarhar province, pro-government armed men behead Four IS terrorists to revenge comrades. (khaama).

A group of pro-government armed men have beheaded four members of the terrorist group of Islamic State (IS) or Daesh in eastern Afghanistan to revenge.

The incident took place in Achin District of Nangarhar province which is a stronghold of the militant group in the country’s east.

Haji Ghalib Mujahid, governor of Achin District says Daesh captured four members of the pro-government forces during a gun battle and later beheaded them.

He said the pro-government armed men who also had five members of Daesh in their custody did the same to revenge. “They beheaded four of them and put their dead bodies on the side of the road,” Mujahid said.

According to the district governor, two of the four militants belonged to Tirah valley while the two others were from Orakzai Agency of Pakistan.

The pro-government armed men under the leadership of MP Haji Zahir Qadir mobilized against Daesh when their insurgency and brutality surged in parts of Nangarhar.

Qadir says he grabbed arms against insurgents to secure his people and defend his country.

This is first time that pro-government forces behead members of Daesh in Afghanistan. Hmmm.....'A Head for a Head'.

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