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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trudeau 'Admin' exempts Syrian refugees from loan repayments.

Father Christmas Trudeau 'Admin' exempts Syrian refugees from loan repayments. (VancouverSun).

The federal Liberal government said Thursday that it will exempt Syrian refugees from a rule that can burden impoverished newcomers with loans of up to $10,000 upon arrival.

Critics say the government should expand that privilege to all asylum-seekers so they’re not forced to pay for the cost of their own flight to freedom.

A statement from Citizenship and Immigration Canada said many fleeing Syrian refugees have “lost everything” and will lack financial resources “for some time” after arriving in Canada.

“Given the extreme and unprecedented hardships faced by this community, Canada is upholding its humanitarian tradition by offering help and protection to those most in need,” the statement said.

“This includes waiving the issuance and repayment of immigration loans … and covering the cost of immigration medical examinations and transportation loans.”

Hmmm........Canadians must Expect new and way higher taxes from this 'admin' to pay for all this free stuff. Read the full story here.

Bye the way Flashback 2013 !

30,000 Canadians are homeless every night!

200,000 Canadians are homeless in any given year, national report says

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