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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Three Belgian brothers involved In Paris terror attack: one dead, one was released, one on the run

One of the wanted brothers.

Three Belgian brothers from Brussels involved In Paris terror attack: one dead, one in Belgium, one on the run. (HLN). [GoogleTranslated].

Belgium, according to the French "la capitale jihadiste d'Europe" (The Jihadi Capital of Europe).

  • In the series of attacks Friday in Paris are three brothers involved. The three brothers were living with a French national in Belgium
  • One of them was killed in the attacks, another is in Belgium, and the third brother is on the run, the detectives find themselves in limbo. 

  • He would, as is perceived in French circles of the research, be one of the perpetrators who is on the run. The French court has just circulated a photograph of the suspect
    One of the brothers was arrested in the raids that took place in Molenbeek. He was in custody, but according to a police source meanwhile released after questioning.  
One of the brothers was arrested in the raids that took place in Molenbeek. He is in custody. For a while reports were circulated that the suspect had already been released, but the prosecutor says that is not true. He is still questioned. For the moment it is not sure if he is effectively involved in the attacks.

The Belgian prosecutor announced this afternoon that a third suicide bomber had been formally identified by the French experts, without identifying . According to the Washington Post, citing " official sources on condition of anonymity ," it would be a Bilal H., a Belgian resident who fought in Syria. 

The third brother, Ibrahim Abdeslam, was killed during the attacks in Paris, after he blew himself up. The federal prosecutor's office confirms that he is deceased. The couple hired a car which was involved in the bloody series of bombings in Paris. In the car was found a parking ticket from Jean, which was dated on 10 November. This our editors learned from a reliable source.

All three men were residing in the town square of Molenbeek , just opposite the town hall , "said our reporter Dominique Demoulin in RTLinfo 19h.

 On the territory of Brussels today new house searches were conducted within the framework of the investigation into the Belgian link with the attacks in Paris. Earlier in Belgium seven people were arrested in the by Brussels opened investigation into the attacks in the capital.

The Syrian passport found near the body of one of the suicide bombers in Paris on Friday night was in the name of alMohammad Ahmad, 25, and was introduced by an asylum seeker who arrived in Greece before taking the Balkan route, Athens said on Sunday.

The Serbian daily Blic had earlier published a photograph showing "a Syrian passport in the name of Ahmad alMohammad (which) had conducted the entire Balkan route".

In a statement, the Serbian interior minister said the same passport was then recorded in Presevo (border between Macedonia and Serbia), where the holder had formally requested asylum. "It was established that these data correspond to those of a person identified October 3 in Greece. Source
    "The Belgian link"
    The fact that" almost every time there is a link with Molenbeek is according to Prime Minister Charles Michel a" gigantic problem ". 
    Minister of Interior and Security Jan Jambon has already made ​​it clear that "we don't have the situation under control in Molenbeek," and that he plans to to clean up "Molenbeek" ."We are at war with IS," he said. French media meanwhile are very keen for our country. 
    The French media speak according to VRT journalist Steven Decraene who follow everything in Paris, only about one thing: 'la piste Belge. "They call our country even 'The jihadi capital of Europe'.

    The first assailant whose identity was formally unveiled is French 29 years, Ismail Omar Mostefai , who participated in the bloody hostage-taking of Bataclan . Born in Courcouronnes (Essonne) , he was known for his Islamist radicalization , but had " never been involved " in a terrorist case , according to the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins . He frequented the mosque in Lucé , near Chartres ( Eure-et-Loir ) , a source close to the investigation said . On Sunday, the president of the mosque, Abdullah Benali , assured investigators that "he did not know Mostefai" . Investigators are trying to confirm that he has stayed in Syria in 2014, according to police sources .
    Belgian federal home affairs minister Jan Jambon has previously described Brussels as a weak link in the fight against terror. Speaking at a debate last week, he said: “The thing that keeps me awake at night is the guy behind his computer, looking for messages from IS and other hate preachers.
    Jambon also reportedly warned of the growing use by terror networks of the PlayStation 4 gaming console, which allows terrorists to communicate with each other and is difficult for the authorities to monitor. “PlayStation 4 is even more difficult to keep track of than WhatsApp,” he said.
    The gaming console also was implicated in ISIL’s plans back in June, when an Austrian teen was arrested for downloading bomb plans to his PS4.

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