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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Israeli PM Netanyahu's new media adviser said Obama's Iran policy is 'modern anti-Semitism'.

Israeli PM Netanyahu's new media adviser said Obama's Iran policy is 'modern anti-Semitism'.(JPost).
Ran Baratz, who was tapped by Netanyahu as Israel's next "media czar," once criticized Obama for the president's response to the prime minister's planned speech before Congress against the Iran nuclear deal.

"Allow me to be a bit blunt, which is a break from my usual moderation," Baratz wrote. "This is what modern anti-Semitism in a liberal Western country looks like. And, of course, it comes with a great deal of tolerance and understanding for Islamic anti-Semitism. The tolerance and understanding is so great that [Obama] is willing to give it a nuclear bomb."

Baratz, a former university professor with right-wing views, founded the online Hebrew-language journal MIDA. After Obama's re-election in 2012, he wrote: "For the next four years, a pro-Arab, anti-Israel president will continue to rule. His upcoming term will be even more extreme, and he has nothing more to lose or to hide. The Jews have once again voted for Obama by a wide majority, and this just shows how wide the gap has become between the Jews of Israel and the Jews of the US."

"The Jews in America who see Obama as pro-Israeli are the most extreme in their criticism of Israel," he wrote. "The irresponsible Israeli policy which they seek raises the question of how exactly they can define themselves as pro-Israel." Hmm.......Seems he knows what he's talking about. Read the full story here.

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