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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

'Islamist' Turkey 45 women killed in 2 months, murder of women increases.

'Islamist' Turkey 45 women killed in 2 months, murder of women increases.(TZ).

The murder of women in large part by their spouses continues to increase, according to a recently released report by the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, with 45 women being killed in September and October.

The report was prepared by Süleyman Demirci, Dr. Semra Günay and Talha Aksoy of the Perspective Strategy Research group and presented to the public by the platform. The platform explained that the majority of these deaths were caused by the victims' spouses and for the most part took place in İstanbul and Diyarbakır. Thirty of the murders were conducted with a gun while 12 were with cutting implements. The majority of the victims were between the ages of 25 and 35.

In a statement made by the platform, the organization stated: “Out of the 45 women killed in the last two months, 44 percent were married while four were married in unofficial religious ceremonies. Seven women were killed because they wanted to end their marriages.”

The platform is continuing with its efforts to pass the “Özgecan Aslan Law.” The proposed law was given its unofficial name in memory of a young university student who was brutally murdered when she resisted being raped in February. If passed, it would prohibit judges from reducing a man's sentence for having been “provoked” to murder. In many cases, men are given shortened sentences after killing wives or romantic partners they suspect of having been unfaithful, legitimizing murder as a response to infidelity.

Another pattern that the platform identified is men killing their wives who are seeking a divorce. Members of the women's rights platform expressed their frustration and anger towards the protection of men who kill their wives or ex-wives using their request for separation as a legitimate pretense. Read the full story here.

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