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Sunday, November 8, 2015

ISIS infiltrates into Europe, sets up secret base in the Balkans.

Source 'Moldavia transit country for ISIS'

ISIS infiltrates into Europe, sets up secret base in the Balkans. (AN).

Since the emergence of the extremist Islamic State group (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, thousands of westerners have joined its ranks. The Western governments expressed fear of the returnee jihadists, who could carry out attacks against European and American interests in their countries.

Dozens of ISIS jihadists have infiltrated into European countries and have recently installed a “secret base” in the Balkans, a Croatian official has said.

The terror group has been able to organize dozens of militants in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

According to Croatian intelligence, a group of ISIS foreign militants, who are originally from the Balkans, have returned back to their native countries.

We have identified an ISIS senior member who most probably organize dozens of Balkan jihadists,” the official said on the condition of anonymity.

The source said that the ongoing refugee crisis may have facilitated the influx of ISIS sleeper cells into the heart of Europe.

Many of them may have sought asylum as Syrians,” he added

In June, ISIS circulated a footage on the social media, showing a group of Balkan fighters in Syria, vowing their own government and the American interests with suicide attacks. The former Soviet countries are deemed to be vulnerable to radicalism. Read the full story here.

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