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Monday, November 23, 2015

Iran ranks among lowest in world for gender equality.

Iran ranks among lowest in world for gender equality.(NCRI).

NCRI - Iran under the rule of the clerical regime ranked 141th in gender equality among 145 countries according to a recently published international survey.

The classification presented in the latest report by the World Economic Forum was released last week.

Iceland is on to the top position for the seventh consecutive year. Other Nordic countries – Finland, Sweden and Norway – fill out the top four.

Iran under the rule of clerical regime is placed at the bottom of the list in 141th place.

In the report of last year, Iran was placed 137th among the 145 countries assessed.

This classification is carried out through assessments made on several criteria: opportunities for women to participate in economic activities, women's access to education, women's access to health and medical care and women's access to political office.  Hmmm......Doesn't bother EU parliamentarians or the Obama admin.

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