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Friday, November 6, 2015

Court rules calling Erdogan 'thief-murderer' is freedom of speech.

Court rules calling Erdogan 'thief-murderer' is freedom of speech. (TZ).

The Çanakkale-based court ruled for the acquittal of a member of the Communist Party (KP) who chanted the slogan, "Thief-murderer Erdoğan," during a recent demonstration in which groups protested the arrest of a Turkish citizen on the charge of "insulting Erdoğan.”

In its verdict, the court emphasized that no one can be punished for exercising their right to free speech.

In his defense, the man accused of insulting the president said he was a member of the KP and that he, along with other members of the party, had gathered to protest the previous arrests and detentions of those also charged with insulting the president. He took responsibility for chanting the slogan at the protest and for leading the group in chanting it.

"I called Erdoğan a thief because of the Dec.17, 2013 corruption investigation. I called him a murderer because of those who were killed in Soma. I also called him a dictator because of his attitude and his way of treating people. I don't think I insulted him. I used my right to free speech. It is my democratic right," he said in his defense.

The court ruled for his acquittal on the grounds that his remarks were an exercise of his right to free expression. Hmmmm......Erdogan appeals judgement in 3...2....1. and Judge is relocated to small remote village.

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