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Monday, November 23, 2015

At least four senior ISIS terrorists hidden among refugees streams entered into Europe

At least four senior ISIS terrorists hidden among refugees streams entered into Europe. (ST). [GoogleTranslated].

At least four senior Isis terrorists — including a notorious bomb maker — have entered the European Union posing as refugees and are believed to be still at large, sources close to an investigation in Belgium have revealed.

They are among “dozens, if not hundreds” of terrorists thought to have arrived via Turkey or Libya as part of a wave of refugees streaming into Europe at the rate of up to 10,000 a day.

The revelation came after French prosecutors claimed that at least three of those involved in the Paris attacks had made their way to the country on a route through the Balkans used by refugees.

The disclosures are expected to add to concerns about the ease with which Isis sympathisers can enter and then move within the borderless Schengen area.
The most notorious terrorist Ahmed Mohamed El Amin, a Palestinian bomb maker this summer would have arrived in Belgium after he had made the crossing to Europe from Libya in a refugee boat
El Amin, who was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, working closely with Bilal Badr, a Palestinian terrorist who works for IS. According to the researchers, the two men in the past have been together prepared a whole series of terrorist attacks.

The three other terrorists which is currently being sought in abundance, are Mohammed Mezher, a IS-member, according to the investigators until recently stayed at the refugee camp in Bovigny in the province of Luxembourg, and the two brothers and Talal Anwar Ammar.

The security for migrants who arrive in Europe are practically non-existent. Ministers from the European Union arrived Friday they agreed that the details of their own citizens who would check would enter the Schengen area in a police database.

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