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Monday, November 16, 2015

Arrest in Serbia of a migrant with a Syrian passport in the same name as the terrorist Paris

Arrest in Serbia of a migrant with a Syrian passport in the same name as the terrorist Paris. (LaLibre)[GoogleTranslated].

Serbian police arrested a migrant in possession of a Syrian passport with the same name as that found in Paris on one of the places where the attacks were perpetrated, reported Monday Blic daily.

"The document, which contained the same name and the same data but a different photograph, was found Saturday in the reception center in Presevo* and the person who held it was selected to be interviewed," the newspaper said that cites no source.

The Serbian Interior Ministry has not initially desired time comment on this information.

A Syrian passport, in the name of Mohammad al Ahmad, 25, was found near the body of a suicide bombers involved in attacks Friday in Paris. A migrant in possession of this document was recorded on the Greek island of Leros October 3. He filed an application for asylum in Serbia, at the reception center of Presevo* (south) and his trail was lost in Croatia.

His name is unknown to the French anti-terrorist services. Investigators are cautious about drawing conclusions from this discovery: it is the passport authentic? Can it be stolen or sold?

The fingerprints of the bomber, near which the Syrian passport in the name of Mohammad al Ahmad was found, consistent with that of a man controlled in October in Greece.

According to Blic, "it is likely that the two men purchased separately false Syrian passport, by the same forger in Turkey." Hmmm.....All Islamist roads lead to Turkey.

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