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Monday, November 9, 2015

Annual Brussels Muslim Fair in Brussels Draws as usual 'Global Muslim Brotherhood'.

By the way nice zabiba burn.

Annual Brussels Muslim Fair in Brussels Draws as usual 'Global Muslim Brotherhood'. HT: globalMBwatch.

Turkish media is reporting that this year’s annual Muslim Fair in Brussels has attracted thousands of visitors. According to the report:

A fair organized by Muslims in Belgian capital Brussels has attracted thousands of visitors at its stands mainly theming clothes, accessories, halal food and natural cosmetics as well as Rabia movement (a civil movement protesting against the military coup in Egypt) and resistance against Syria’s brutal regime. Organizers think the fair will reach a total visitors number of 25 thousand by the end of tomorrow, the final day of the fair.

The Muslim Fair aiming the struggle against Islamaphobia and intercultural dialogue is being held at Brussels’s historic Tour & Taxi Cultural Centre.

The fair is also an opportunity for the visitors to meet and listen to speeches from intellectuals and scholars from Europe and the Arab world including Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Sudan on several topics like reform in Islam, refugee crisis in Europe, message of the Quran.

The 4-day fair was organised by the League of Muslims in Belgium in collaboration with Gedis Company which is based in Paris.

Islamic Relief, a humanitarian organization, has established a refugee tent to draw attention to the living conditions of Syrian refugees at camps. A Palestinian humanitarian organization has opened a stand to receive donations for Palestinians in need. They are running a campaign for Gazan children with the motto "Do you want to change the life of a Gazan child?" The organization also carries out campaigns for Palestinians living in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

The program for this year’s Fair indicates that numerous Muslim Brotherhood figures were scheduled to speak including:

Also scheduled to speak were two Salafi figures-  Abdullah al Mosleh,  Chairman of the International Commission on Scientific Signs in Qur’an & Sunnah in Makkah and Omar Abdelkafy, an Egyptian cleric who recently made controversial remarks about the 911 attacks. Read the full story and more on the Muslim Brotherhood here.

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