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Monday, October 5, 2015

YPG Comdr: Turkish MIT officers conduct the Al-Nusra and other affiliated gang groups attacks on Şêxmeqsûd.

YPG Comdr: Turkish MIT officers conduct the Al-Nusra and other affiliated gang groups attacks on Şêxmeqsûd. (ANF).

Attacks of Al-Nusra and other affiliated gang groups on Şêxmeqsûd (Sheikh Maqsoud) neighborhood of Aleppo continue. YPG Aleppo Commander Rêzan Rojhilat said the gang groups attacking the neighborhood since the first day of the Eid are fully supported by the Turkish state.

YPG Aleppo Commander Rêzan Rojhilat told ANHA News Agency that a meeting took place between the YPG and the Operation Room to Liberate Aleppo in order to protect the civilians from being harmed in the ongoing attacks of Al-Nusra affiliated groups on Şêxmeqsûd.


“We undersigned an agreement at this meeting. The first article of the agreement was ‘to stop the artillery attack on the neighborhood and ensure the withdrawal of the gangs that encircled Şêxmeqsûd from the outskirts of the settlement’. The gang groups have not listened to Operation Room to Liberate Aleppo and on the contrary they increased their attacks”, he said.

Rêzan Rojhilat stressed that the YPG complied with the agreement which however didn't work as some forces did not want the the conflict and attacks to stop. He added that; “As the YPG forces, we have fulfilled all the conditions of the agreement on our part. Yet, it has been understood that there are some forces that do not want these attacks to stop and are bothered with the agreement. The gang groups receive all their support from the Turkish MIT. All these attacks are planned and conducted by Turkish military officers and members of the Turkish Intelligence (MIT). This is why Al Nusra, Sultan Murad Battalion and other gangs groups didn't stop their attacks."

Drawing attention to the cruelty of gang groups against the civilians in the neighborhood, YPG Commander they had to respond and fight in the face of the attacks by gang groups that started to bombard the neighborhood with Katyusha rockets after they encircled it recently.


YPG Commander recalled that children lost their lives and many civilians were wounded in the artillery attacks of the gangs that are still going on. Rojhilat stated that YPG forces defended all the peoples in the neighborhood, and vowed to continue undertaking their responsibilities at any cost to fulfill their promises to the people.

As much as we are ready to respond to all attacks, we also remain ready to be part of conciliation and peace”, he added. Hmmmm......No wonder Turkey is crying for help against the Russians.

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