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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

'Yes We Can' - Putin Meets Assad for Talks in Moscow.

'Yes We Can' - Putin Meets Assad for Talks in Moscow. (Fars).

Dmitry Peskov announced that Assad informed Putin about the situation in Syria and the plans of government forces, RT reported.

"Yesterday evening Syrian President Bashar al-Assad arrived in Moscow for a working visit," Peskov said.

The two leaders conducted lengthy negotiations, which then continued in the presence of Russia’s top policymakers.

"The agenda of the negotiations is clearly understandable. President [Putin] was informed in detail by his Syrian counterpart about the current state of affairs in Syria and the long-range plan," the Kremlin spokesman added.

Vladimir Putin said that the Syrian people have been confronting terrorists “practically single-handedly” for years, withstanding considerable casualties. Lately, they have achieved serious and positive results in this fight, he added.

The terrorists’ attempts to destabilize the situation in the Middle East arouse deep concern in Russia because “unfortunately, people from the former Soviet republics, at least 4,000 of them, are fighting against the Syrian army,” the Russian leader said. "Naturally, we cannot allow them to appear on Russian territory with all the combat experience and ideological brainwashing they have gone through."

Syria is a country friendly to Russia, and Moscow is ready not only to assist with fighting terrorism, but also in reaching a peaceful political settlement to the Syrian conflict in cooperation with other global and regional powers, Putin said.

The decisive word, without any doubt, must belong solely to the Syrian people,” President Putin stressed.

Assad thanked Russia for the support provided to Syria in fighting for its sovereignty and unity.

"Terrorists would have occupied far greater territories if it were not for Russia’s military assistance,” President Assad said, adding that political steps are due to follow military action. "The only aim for all of us should be what the Syrian people want as a future for their country," he underlined.

Once the terrorists are defeated, it will take a united effort to rebuild the country economically and politically and to ensure peaceful coexistence for all, Assad concluded.

The Syrian president reportedly returned to his home country earlier on Wednesday. "The visit to Moscow was yesterday and he is today in Damascus," a spokesman for the presidency said.  More here.


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