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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Turkish Whistle blower: "Erdogan's planning coup will rule as Supreme Commander, shall take over Turkish government"

Turkish Whistle blower: "Erdogan's planning coup will rule as Supreme Commander, shall take over Turkish government" (Bugun).

Having made it no secret his intention to transform Turkey so he can wield absolute authority with no checks and balances, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has allegedly begun the final push to implement a “palace coup” and wrest control of the Turkish government from its parliament.

Erdoğan is playing his final hand to bring about the palace coup he has been planning for a long time. His plans have been swiftly put into action,” wrote government whistleblower and Twitter phenomenon Fuat Avni Wednesday morning.

Fuat Avni has been a thorn in the side of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Justice and Development Party (AK Party) for the past two years, having correctly revealed many of their top secret plans.

The National Intelligence Agency (MİT) law and other similar legislation have already prepared the foundation. He’s establishing a state within a state. The armed force he needs for the coup, he plans to draw from his own special forces and the police,” said Avni.

Critics have often accused the AK Party of politicizing the police force through selective examinations, ideological appointments and purges.

Fuat Avni points out that alternative institutions have been molded so as to support such a palace coup, most notably the intelligence, security and judicial apparatuses. “Cliques bound to Erdoğan's inner circle have already been established within the National Intelligence Agency (MİT), the police and the judiciary.”

Having tried every other method to realize a palace coup, Erdoğan's current agenda is no longer to be made executive president, but rather Supreme Commander,” Avni added.

Avni said that Erdoğan has dismissed warnings from his inner circle that the Turkish military – which has always played a major role in civilian politics, even enacting multiple coups – might object to an AK Party takeover. “Up till now they have always gotten whatever they wanted. That era is over. Now it's our turn,” Erdoğan allegedly told the skeptics among his advisors.

They no longer care if various institutions, including the military, object to the palace coup. The plans are going to proceed regardless of their objections,” added Avni.

The government and the ministries have all been completely dissolved. All plans, all governance, already comes from his inner circle... Erdoğan sees himself as the state. If the president can get his base to accept this new structure, then the palace coup will be announced,” he wrote.

Ready to pick fights with every institution of the state and declare himself Supreme Commander, Erdoğan seems to have lost his mind,” added Avni, claiming that the few reasonable people who have tried to caution the president have only enraged him further.

Erdoğan is dragging the country to disaster on his way out. All but two or three people around him see the looming disaster, but they are too terrified to make a peep.” Hmmmm........Well perhaps the EU Cowards will organize his coronation. Read the full story here.

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