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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Iran deal just got from bad to worse

The Iran deal just got from bad to worse. (NR).

The Iranian parliamentary bill that “approved” the JCPOA reportedly is 1,000 pages long and has not yet been fully translated into English. According to Amir Taheri, an Iranian-born veteran Western journalist, the bill contains these provisions: 
  • The elimination of Israel’s nuclear arsenal
  • Forbids the inspection of any military site and the interviewing of any officers. 
  • Calls for strengthening Iran’s defenses, especially by developing its missile arsenal. 
  • Says the redesign of the Arak heavy-water reactor and its conversion to run on enriched uranium “are conditional to separate deals.” This refers to a JCPOA provision to alter the design and fueling of the Arak reactor so it produces less plutonium. This provision is significant because it implies either that other agreements need to be negotiated to carry out this part of the JCPOA or that undisclosed side deals concerning the Arak reactor exist. 
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) assessed in an October 13, 2015 report that the Iranian parliament ratified “a nonexistent document,” not the JCPOA, because it called for sanctions against Iran to be cancelled and not to be reimposed. By contrast, the nuclear deal calls for sanctions to be suspended and to snap back in the event of Iranian noncompliance. 
MEMRI also reported text in the Iranian parliament bill calling on the government to handle the rapid expansion of the country’s centrifuge program so that within two years, Iran’s enriched-uranium output will reach 190,000 SWUs (separate work units). This would equal about 25 to 28 times the output of the 9,000 centrifuges Iran currently is operating and contradicts Tehran’s JCPOA commitment to only operate 5,060 centrifuges for 10 years. 
According to press reports, Supreme Leader Khamenei issued a letter on October 21 “endorsing” the JCPOA that actually appears to endorse the Iranian parliament’s bill. In the letter, Khamenei demanded that the U.S. and the EU agree in writing that sanctions “are completely canceled” when Iran meets its obligations under the agreement. Khamenei also complained about “ambiguities” in the JCPOA and said any new sanctions against Iran would be a violation of the agreement. 
So with Obama officials claiming this week that the JCPOA’s Adoption Day indicated progress and the willingness of all parties to implement the agreement, the truth is that Iran is already violating it and has an entirely different view of the deal from what Obama’s officials have claimed. I am sure Obama’s officials are aware of this, but they are so desperate for the JCPOA to succeed that they are ignoring these violations and finding ways to explain them away, including by contradicting earlier claims that missile sanctions and the PMD issue were part of the nuclear deal.
The amended version of the JCPOA passed by the Iranian parliament is a crucial part of this puzzle. At least one organization in Washington is working to translate this document. Congress must demand the U.S. Intelligence Community translate it ASAP and post online so Congress can consider further action on the nuclear deal.
The deceptions used to pass Obamacare did severe damage to America’s health-care system and caused costs to skyrocket. The deceptions used to sell the nuclear deal with Iran may do far more damage to American interests by providing cover that Iran likely will use to try to become a regional hegemon while continuing its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Hmmm.....I Wrote about this A WEEK AGO. Read the full story here.

FlashBack April 2015:  Iranian Senior MP Asks FM to Include Future Use of IR8 Centrifuges And 190,000 SWU in Final Deal with Powers.

Head of the Iranian parliament's Nuclear Committee Ebrahim Karkhaneyee stressed that Tehran should include in the final deal with powers its right of using the hi-tech IR8 centrifuge machines for the time when the nuclear fuel supply contract with Russia expires

Based on the Lausanne statement, Iran is allowed to use the first generation of centrifuges, and considering that Iran will have only 5,000 centrifuges in Natanz, it will not be able to produce fuel for the Bushehr nuclear power plant, Karkhaneyee told FNA on Wednesday, and added, "The negotiators should include use of the 8th generation of centrifuges (IR8) in the final agreement." 

"Accordingly, using the centrifuges should be arranged in a way that it will enable the Islamic Republic of Iran to have the 190,000 SWUs (Separative Work Units) for enrichment after the end of its contract with Russia (which has built Bushehr nuclear power plant and is due to supply its fuel for some years)," he added. 

Kharkhaneyee stressed that the final deal should be written in a way that it will include Iran's Research and Development plan (R&D) explicitly so that after the end of Iran-Russia contract, the IR8 centrifuges will enter the fuel production cycle immediately and Iran can produce its own nuclear fuel. Hmmm......Once Again it seems pres Hussein Obama Gave the Iranians the Keys to the Nuclear Bomb.....After TWO YEARS!

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