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Monday, October 12, 2015

Syrian Bishop: U.S. Operations is just 'Window dressing, money & Oil the real reason for Syrian War'.

Syrian Bishop: U.S. Operations is just 'Window dressing, money & Oil the real reason for Syrian War'. (AN).

Syrian Bishop Msgr. Jacques Behnan Hindo: The US operations are "just window dressing, and really leave jihadists free to act", as confirmed by the kidnapping of Christians. Fears for the fate of the hostages after the execution of three Assyrians. Money is the real engine of the war in Syria.

The Islamic State have released a video (click here to see excerpts released by the Lebanese OTV television and relayed by Aina) showing the execution of three of the more than 200 Assyrian Christians still in the hands of the jihadist militants.

"They have executed three - said Msgr. Hindo - and they are preparing another three for an upcoming execution. At first they demanded a huge sum for the liberation, almost 120 thousand dollars for each of 203 people. They have rejected the proposal of a million for the release of all, there has now been made a new proposal and we are waiting for an answer. "

The prelate said that is difficult to deal with the kidnappers, the contacts "are very short" and "do not leave much room for maneuver." "I answer yes or no - he says - and then act accordingly. Now the Assyrian bishop, who was in Erbil [for the election of the new patriarch] has returned, to continue negotiations and follow the episode in first person.

"In recent days have released an elderly man of 89 was released to break the news of the execution and hand over the video that was shot around 23 September, the Islamic feast of the sacrifice. "By analyzing the video - said Msgr. Hindo - we see that the sun was still strong, while in the last 10 days it has dropped in intensity. This suggests plausible date of 23 as the time of execution even if there are no references to the celebrations. "

The story of Christians is also associated with the tragedy experienced by the people of Deir ez-Zor, the town of 250 thousand inhabitants in eastern Syria, long besieged by the militias of the Islamic state. "People are dying of hunger - says the bishop – they lack food and medicine. Just think that today 50 kg of sugar costs as much as a car or a house. People sell the car to buy itThe IS has imposed a real blockade, men, women, elderly and children are starving". For this reason the prelate appeals to the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar asking them to "really do something" to deal with the emergency and rescue a civilian population that is weary and tired.

Msgr. Hindo concludes with a charge against Western governments, who he says "are working for Israel's security and to divide Syria and Iraq, so as to put their hands on the riches of these countries. It's not just oil, because off our coasts a major natural gas field has recently been discovered. And yet - he adds - the pipelines that Saudi Arabia and Qatar expect to arrive in the West are at stake. Damascus did not accept the passage on its territory, and this is the result ".

It is a "very complex" issue, says Msgr. Hindo, behind which "there is the economic problem; but for the West it all boils down to religion, the Sunnis and Shiites, Christians and Muslims but in this war, the Daesh and other groups hide only economic interests and aim to divide the country "against the will of a people who for the most part are " united and want to remain united ". Hmmm.....John 8:32 "Veritas liberabit vos".

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