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Friday, October 23, 2015

Poland - Alleged First images of Mysterious Nazi 'Silver' train in underground tunnel released.

Poland -  Alleged First images of Mysterious 'Silver' Nazi train in underground tunnel released. (Fact [GoogleTranslated]. was send an email with pictures that look just like the gold train. Are they real? We asked about it experts.

Our sender was very enigmatic in a letter sent to us and did not want to confirm that the photos that depict the notorious "gold train". He did not want to betray, when & Where they were made ​​and how they came into his possession.

For the verification of photography and what is on them we asked experts from the National Railway Museum in Warsaw and Koscierzyna and an expert in testing gaming Thomas Prusickiego of Qloc SA
As we learned from Michael Pekuły the National Railway Museum in Kościerzyna, photos show German diesel locomotive Panzertriebwagen 16, the only copy of which is in Europe have the Railway Museum in Warsaw - Yes, indeed they have in their collections an armored train.

On the other hand we do not know whether this "golden" - which no one has ever seen - it looks the same - says the portal Fakt24 Anna Koselska and added that the exhibit, which is in the museum's collection is a compilation of equipment German and Russian - at one point was captured by Army Red and some elements of mechanisms earned Russians - explains Koselska.

In contrast, other images are definitely of inferior quality, and make an impression as if it was done in a completely different place. Moreover, the alleged bars resemble more silver than gold - In The pictures the air is filled with a lot of debris and dust, but the train, boxes, or bars are not, in any event dusty - comments Prusicki. - Unfortunately, I could not see the typical computer graphics errors, so-called. peak clipping, or when two objects merge. Read and see the 6 pictures here


  1. "Silver Train"...not surprising the bars look like silver.

  2. this train is not the same as on the GPR images.... The shapes of the surroundings do not correspond....

  3. The pics are analized .No errors found that made the software think differnt .The polish goverment cashed in.and yes there are bodies in those tunnels.


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