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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Outcry of a young German policewoman - 'Male Muslims have no respect for female cops or Authority'.

The outcry of a young German policewoman. (DieWelt).[GoogleTranslated].

Policemen are increasingly exposed to violence in action. Straight male Muslims have no respect for the police, says Commissioner Tania Kambouri - especially if confronted by a woman.

The bruises on her body Tania Kambouri no longer counts for a long time. "If there are only bruises, you can still cope," says the 32-year-old. The past September was a bad month for the Police Commissioner. A few weeks ago she was struck unexpectedly by a rioter with a lighter in his fist in the face. She suffered a hemorrhage in the left eye. Of this there is nothing now to be seen.

Even worse for them was an incident a few months ago in Bochum, as a shackled evildoer wild occurred in the back seat of the patrol car around and almost caught her face. "I felt the breath of air literally. It lacked only a few centimeters, then my whole face had been smashed," says Kambouri while talking in a cafe.

She is a robust, direct person, clear message, stare. It works internally extremely stable, but this near-injury has for months occupied her. "If you imagine what could have happened, years of OPs, a disfigured face such a thing takes time until it is processed but if you are repeatedly injured, you can not get more rest. "

In a way a taboo.

The daughter of Greek-born parents gets firsthand feel for how the violence against police officers increases and the authority of police officers increasingly waning. She has written a book about it, which appears on this Monday and entitled "Germany in blue light. Emergency call police officer".

On 220 pages she describes what happens to you; she describes impressions, called causes. "It was years ago still individual cases, the shake of the head and indignation provoked in me and my colleagues, they are now acknowledged as the weather forecast. Sad day, not only in Bochum," writes Kambouri.

It is in a way a taboo because they told relentlessly that even predominantly Muslim immigrants attack the state power. "That should be no blanket condemnation and certainly not racial prejudice on grounds of origin or of faith, but it is simply a fact that some populations are strikingly over represented  in certain behavioral characteristics and crime," writes Kambouri.

She laments, "general disrespect" "disrespect of fundamental law and human rights", "autonomous parallel structures", "mislaid integration will." What Kambouri writes, confirmed by many colleagues who are on patrol.

As a police officer she has encountered a lot of negative experiences. She joins Heinz Buschkowsky, the former Social Democratic Deputy Mayor of Berlin-Neuk├Âlln.

"Multiculturalism happens to have too many risks and little social romantic truths:. Cultural influences, religious beliefs, inherited traditions are sometimes simply incompatible This is not a right-wing populism, but common sense," writes Kambouri.

It is just with Muslims that we experience "the greatest difficulty, especially with young men.

People from this culture, whether they are Turks, Kurds, Lebanese, Tunisians and other nationalities, have it remarkably difficult to integrate into Germany." Do not accept in particular female police officers, Kambouri is sometimes addressed as "bitch". Read the full story here.

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