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Thursday, October 15, 2015

One Thousand ISIS Caliphate lion Cubs on the loose in Europe?

One Thousand ISIS Caliphate lion Cubs on the loose in Europe? (TheLocal)

Officials in Trelleborg in southern Sweden have told The Local that around 1,000 unaccompanied refugee children and young adults who have arrived in the town over the last month have since gone missing.

The small coastal town is currently experiencing its biggest influx of refugees to date, with several hundred people turning up every week since the start of September, according to authorities.
But out of 1,900 children who have arrived in Trelleborg over the last month without parents or older relatives, at least half are believed to have left the area without alerting officials, despite being given temporary accommodation there.
"We don't know where they are (...) We don't have the possibility to stop them leaving. We can't wait by their beds day and night," Agneta Sjölund, Director of Trelleborg Municipality, told The Local.

Sjölund said that most of the refugees had arrived in southern Sweden via ferries from Germany and had been registered in the town but not yet had their paperwork processed by Sweden's Migration Agency (Migrationsverket), which made it more difficult to keep track of them.

"Trelleborg has become a transit destination in a short space of time," added the director.

"With's a slow process," she said.

Under the EU's Dublin Regulation, the European country in which an asylum seeker first arrives should take responsibility for the person. But Sjölund said that the municipality had received evidence to suggest that some of the missing children had moved on to Norway or Finland as well as other Swedish cities.

Earlier this week Cecilia Lejon, a labour market specialist for Trelleborg municipality who is also tasked with helping new arrivals integrate into the community told Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan that she believed there were three major reasons that the children had left the area.

Alongside viewing Sweden as a "country of transit", she suggested that some "have friends and relatives elsewhere in Sweden and want to get there", while others "have absolutely no confidence in the authorities".

Hmmm.......Sweden is the weakest link .......If it were 10;20;50 kids i wouldn't worry... but this "50 % of the group; unaccompanied kids, 1,000 in less then a month disappearing" Sounds like an Army group (Fifth Column) at work, I've warned for months about the possibility of ISIS Caliphate Lion Cubs coming to Europe and that we are NOT Prepared for this! Read the full story here.

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