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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Obama's BFF: 'Iran to use language of power if necessary to clarify Hajj stampede case' - Rouhani.

Obama's BFF: 'Iran to use language of power if necessary to clarify Hajj stampede case' - Rouhani. (Taz).

Iran's president Hassan Rouhani said Iran may use language of power if necessary, to clarify the Hajj stampede case.

Iran’s language following the incident has been one of emotions, brotherhood, and politeness and where necessary, the diplomatic language has also been used, Rouhani said in Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport, where the bodies of the Iranian victims of the recent Hajj stampede have been brought.

But, if necessary, the Islamic Republic of Iran will use its language of power as well, Rouhani asserted, Trend's correspondent reported from Tehran October 3.

The stampede occurred September 24 in Mina, near Mecca while pilgrims were performing their Hajj ritual. Reportedly, 464 Iranians have died in the incident.

It should be clarified by any means if some people have been responsible for the case. If it is proven that some [security] forces have had a hand in this, we will not condone the blood of our beloved ones,” Rouhani stressed.

The Iranian president said the issue comes as a test for the Saudi government and international, especially Islamic, organizations.

He urged that a fact-finding committee should be launched to clarify different aspects of the incident.
Rouhani said the taking of the bodies of the dead to Iran is the first step in Iran dealing with the tragedy, adding that the bodies will be buried in cities they belong.

The second step that has to be taken is to identify the remaining bodies, he said.

Iran has called for relegating the handling of the Hajj ritual to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, saying Riyadh has proven to be incapable of the carrying out the job.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has recently said if Saudi Arabia disrespects Iranians, it will face a harsh response from Iran. Hmmm........Hussein Obama has only embolden State sponsor of terrorism Iran.

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