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Friday, October 9, 2015

Meeting of EU Ministers of Justice: 'hotlines against hate on the Internet'.

Meeting of EU Ministers of Justice: 'hotlines against hate on the Internet'. (Tagesshau). From Christiansfeld, ARD-Studio Brussels[Google translated].

This hatred content can be erased quickly in social networks, Justice Minister Maas wants to set up hotlines. Users should indicate the Internet corporations to criminal comments. However, a simple undertaking is not that.

The end of September in New York: At a dinner the Chancellor sits with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at the table. Angela Merkel speaks to him in the handling of the network with hate comments. He replies: "I think we need to work." On their demand, if he wanted to improve the situation, the answer is "Yes".

Also Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas has met with representatives of major Internet companies. Today, he will tell his EU ministerial colleagues about it. When he pulls up in Luxembourg in the morning, he recalls the responsibility of the platforms. It could not be that revealing photos would be deleted within 24 hours, but not calls to murder.

As a first result of discussions with companies such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. "We have therefore agreed to a task force with the operators, that we want to set up hotlines, indicating the platform operator it so that things can be deleted from the network even faster," said Maas.

However, a simple undertaking is not that. The company repeatedly refer to the importance of freedom of expression. Also EU Justizkommisarin věra jourová says that images are clear to see with naked children. But: "The definition of what constitutes hate content that need to be deleted, is much more difficult."

The freedom of expression is very important in Europe, says Maas, but have limits: "If someone calls to assassinate refugees or to burn Jews, then that's not what is covered by the freedom of expression, but then that is punishable Then the perpetrator will be persecuted, and then you should delete the social platforms also from the net. "

New the problem is not. In January has been discussed in the European Parliament, for example on terrorism propaganda of "Islamic state" in the social networks. A guest was, inter alia, the English Google manager Verity Harding. For American Internet giant also includes the video platform YouTube. According to information provided 300 hours of new material there are uploaded every minute. Hmmm....Does calling for a new INTIFADA qualify as hate speech? Read and see & Hear the fulll story here. (German).

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