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Thursday, October 15, 2015

'Islamist' Turkey - Removal of financial assistance to minority ethnic and religious newspapers.

Source quote : The Washington Times.

'Islamist' Turkey - Removal of financial assistance to minority of ethnic and religious newspapers.. (AF).

The Turkish political institutions have abolished the fund, through which, in years past, was partially financed the publication of newspapers expression of minority ethnic and religious communities.

This is indicated by the Turkish sources consulted by Fides.

By law, the financial support provided to national and local newspapers published in Turkey had originally not planned quotas for media organizations linked to religious minorities.

Only the demand for these securities in the past had been fixed for their benefit an annual sum of 250,000 Turkish liras or approximately € 75,000 uros. This grant gradually declined however in recent years to its total abolition, measure decided without it was subject to the approval of Parliament.

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