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Thursday, October 1, 2015

‘Gross under-reporting’ of anti-Semitism present in EU[Rabia], says EU agency


‘Gross under-reporting’ of anti-Semitism present in Europe, says EU agency. (JPost).

European nations lack systematic methods of collecting data on anti-Semitism, contributing to “gross underreporting of the nature and characteristics of anti-Semitic incidents that occur,” the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) asserted on Wednesday.

In a new report on data availability, the agency stated that “few EU member states operate official data collection mechanisms that record anti-Semitic incidents in any great detail” and this lack “limits the ability of policy makers” to deal effectively with growing hate crimes.

Incidents that are not reported are also not investigated and prosecuted, allowing offenders to think that they can carry out such attacks with relative impunity,” the organization stated.

In late 2013, the FRA reported that a third of European Jews it had polled had admitted to refraining from wearing religious garb or Jewish symbols out of fear, with a further 23 percent avoiding attending Jewish events or going to Jewish venues.

While 66% reported anti-Semitism as having a negative affect on their lives, 77% did not bother reporting abuse or harassment.  Hmmmm......Truth is In EU[Rabia] it has become Fashionable to be an Antisemite. Read the full story here.

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