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Thursday, October 1, 2015

EU: Of 600,000 refugees, only 20% are Syrian, 72% men.

EU[Rabia]: Of 600,000 refugees, only 20% are Syrian, 72% men. (WaEx).

The refugee wave sweeping over the European Union has nearly reached last year's total of 662,000, but despite reports that many are families from Syria just 20 percent are from that war-torn nation and most are younger men.

Eurostat, the EU's statistical agency, said that by August, 600,000 had arrived at the union's border seeking asylum, but just 121,500 were from Syria. The rest came from a collection of other countries including Kosovo, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Pew Research Center reviewed the Eurostat data and found that Germany is the overwhelming choice of those fleeing home nations, with 40 percent applying for asylum in Germany.

Pew noted that while the number of Syrians fleeing was lower than the impression given by the media coverage, many from other countries are claiming to be Syrian because people from that nation appear to be on the fast-track for asylum. Read the full story here.

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