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Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference in Paris: "The Islamic strategy"

Conference in Paris: "The Islamic strategy". HT:

For Parisians and 'franciliens'(Peole living in l'Île-de-France region), here is a conference not to be missed. It will be given Tuesday, October 6 at 20 am at St. Paul Centre, 12 rue Saint-Joseph, 75002 Paris, by Lebanese historian and scholar of Islam Lina Murr Nehme, from her latest book just published at Éditions Salvator, Fatwas and caricatures. The strategy of Islamism.

What are the fatwas, sermons, books, financial that triggered the birth and rise of Al Qaeda and Daech? How do they justify terrorist killings in Montauban, of Charlie Hebdo and the Hypercacher? What is the true teaching by Islamists in France, Belgium, England, the USA, Germany - including the "polite" Islamists like Tariq Ramadan? What is the true goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe? The book develops all these issues with a collection of quotations and sometimes drugs and unpublished documents ...

I had the opportunity to talk with the author, during his visit to Paris, and I've even record an interview with her, which will be broadcast in the second part of the free Journal of Christianity on Radio Courtesy on Thursday 12 November. Her book is of great interest and I told Lina Murr Nehme, coming out of the studio, it was more than a good book, a good deed! It will open the eyes of many Westerners ignorant of the history of Islamism, which is not born yesterday ... In a historian and as a Christian Lebanese, the author knows what she is talking and places in the immediate news Long time of History. This changes the agreed upon discourse of "journalists." If you have some time tomorrow night, do not miss this appointment.

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