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Monday, October 26, 2015

Belgium: Possible terrorist attack at Belgian Paratrooper army base by unknown masked gunman in Car. - Updates

Belgium: Paratrooper army base attacked by unknown masked gunman in car. (HlN)[GoogleTranslated].

The second Bataljon of Para trooper army barracks in the province of Namur Flawinne Were rocked this morning by apparent terrorist attack. A masked man attempted to drive a car(bomb?) through the gates at the entrance to the base around 9 Am.

According to La Derniere Heure's the Military guards shot at the attacker who fled the scene, soldiers chased after the man. He could have acted alone. His car was found in Belgrade, not in Flawinne.

L'Avenir reports on its website that about twelve shots were fired at the barracks.

A man presented himself at the entrance to the barracks, his face hidden by a hood. Advancing to control it, the military guards noticed not only his outfit, but also found that the man was holding what looked like a detonator. Immediately, the para commandos moved away from the vehicle.

Taking advantage of the confusion, the attacker smashed the barriers and circulated for some time in the perimeter of the barracks at the wheel of the car, before extracting the vehicle. Several shots were fired.

There is the possibility that the car may be contain explosives. The Belgian Bomb Squad DOVO will arrive on the scene. Defence Spokesman Tony Langone confirmed the incident, but could give no further comments for the time being. "We have plenty of information to gather", he says.

Reportedly, the attack would have caused one minor injury. An order to strengthen the security of the other barracks, including that of Belgrade, was given. The theory of this bomb in the vehicle seems to be confirmed.

Update: After a manhunt the perpetrator was arrested. He is allegedly known to judicial authorities.

Update 2: According to the Public prosecutor his statement, It would not be an act of terrorism linked to international terrorism.

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