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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Belgian Kurdish Institute sends open letter to Belgian king to display it's indignation of Erdogan reception.

Belgian Kurdish Institute.[GoogleTranslated].

Yesterday, Sunday, October 4th, the Turkish President Erdoğan landed in Zaventem for a state visit, met with the European institutions and the opening of the Europalia cultural event, where Turkey is host. Moreover, he today receives from the hands of King Philip the Groontlint in the Order of Leopold.

Erdoğan put at the moment everything possible to get a majority in parliament to re-election on November 1 for his AKP so he can install an authoritarian presidential system. To achieve this, he tries the Kurdish movement, the HDP (Democratic Peoples Party, ed) a huge profit booked by eliminating the elections of 7 June.

Last summer, the conflict between the PKK and the Turkish army, thereby again erupted in full force.Almost every day people die. In addition Erdoğan has given orders to shoot everything from a distance looks like a PKK guerrilla. Thereby leaving many innocent people, including women and children, life.

Not only the Kurds, but the whole Turkish society is suffering under the rule of Erdoğan. Freedom of speech is restricted and journalists threatened and democracy and secularism have to make way for a conservative-Islamic ideology.

This weekend leaked terrible images filmed in the Kurdish city of Sirnak, which shows how a Turkish armored vehicle drags the corpse of a young Kurd behind him through the streets. This kind of atrocities similar to the methods IS uses in its conquest area, are no exception and done with conscious knowledge of Erdoğan.

To express our outrage, we sent the following letter to the prime minister, the ministers of interior and foreign affairs and presidents of chambers and Senate.


This Sunday you will receive Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as part of an official state visit. Moreover, Erdogan will be inducted into the Order of Leopold by King Philip.

We insist to inform you that on the hand that you will shake Sunday the blood of hundreds of innocent civilians is attached, including dozens of minors and the elderly. Erdoğan is executing a murderous terror campaign against the Kurds, which is by the electoral success of the HDP on June 7 the last obstacle in his plan to change the Turkish Constitution.

He is the person who is guilty of the bloody actions of the police in Gezipark, the military operation and the destruction of the towns of Cizre and Nusaybin, violence against journalists and the arrest of thousands of members of the HDP (Democratic Peoples Party) and other civilian organizations.
The purpose of Erdogan is no less than installing an authoritarian, conservative-Islamist, as new presidential power in the Middle East. To achieve this, he would walk over corpses, from reining in of free speech to provide support to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

You have as official representatives of the Belgian state and democracy the duty to admonish this man. Erdoğan is a threat to Turkey and the Middle East, but also for Europe and Belgium. It is thanks to the negligent attitude of the Turkish army along the border with Syria that many European IS fighters, sometimes in groups, so easily get back and forth across the border.

We are appalled to learn that the person who is responsible for so much pain and sadness to the Kurdish people will receive the Grand Cordon of the Order of Leopold. Not only for the more than 50,000 Belgian citizens of Kurdish origin, but for all by you delegated citizens who strive for global humanitarianism and democracy, this is a stab in the heart.

We hope you took note of our sincere indignation.
Yours sincerely,
Derwich Ferhat,
Chairman Kurdish Institute of Brussels

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