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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Anyone seen 'Sometimes NATO Ally' Turkey killing ISIS terrorist lately? No but lots of killed Kurds

Turkish state forces continue the onslaught in Nusaybin district of Mardin, while the people also keep on resisting against the brutal attacks by state forces. Reports are coming through from the district that Turkish military forces open artillery fires on neighbourhoods in the district, while also raining bullets from armoured vehicles.

In Kanarya Street of Abdülkadir neighbourhood, Turkish troops opened artillery fires on houses from tanks. Eyewitnesses told at least 7 blasts took place in the street, in which many houses were damaged while 3 persons were wounded, including one heavily. The wounded can not be taken to hospital due to the ongoing fire opened by snipers from high buildings.

In the meantime, special operation teams opened fire around in Sakarya Street in Yeni Turan neighbourhood from armoured vehicles. While the inhabitants of the neighbourhood pulled back into houses, many houses in the street were reportedly damaged in the fire.


In the meantime, Turkish state forces continue their attacks in Silvan (Farqin) district of Amed as well. While the resistance of the people led by the youth also continues, helicopters are often carrying out flight at low level over the district. Additionally, sounds of guns are frequently heard from the neighbourhoods.

The journalists covering the attacks of state forces in the district have also been targeted by police forces. Following the detention of reporters for Özgür Tv and DIHA this morning, it has emerged that a detention warrant has been issued for the journalists based in the district on grounds of violating the curfew.

Turkish Nazi state forces know no bounds in the savagery they commit against the Kurdish people whom they terrorize with a “clear instruction” of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.

A photo from Şırnak shows 24-year-old Hacı Lokman Birlik tied behind an armored police vehicle and dragged on the ground after his execution by special operation teams in Dicle neighborhood of Şırnak late Friday.

Eyewitnesses told that Birlik was first wounded in the armed attack of state forces, upon which special operation members came near him, shot him to death, and stepped on his head as they had a photo taken at the scene. Witnesses said the policemen later dragged Birlik's body on the ground until they took it out of the street where they killed him in Dicle neighborhood.

As the youth's body was later taken to Şırnak State Hospital by the people, hospital staff Menal Geçer was also battered by special operation teams as she brought a stretcher to carry him into the hospital. Geçer was later detained and taken to Şırnak police headquarters.


HDP Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş who also published the photo of savagery on his Twitter account, said that; "Look at this photo very well. It was taken in Şırnak the day before. Nobody should forget about this photo, because we will not." Hmmm.....Just as i warned the moment Turkey agreed to take actively part in the Fight on ISIS, Turkey is using NATO Cover to kill innocent Kurdish civilians. History will judge NATO For it's part in this.

BY the way October 2 was :

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