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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saudi Justice? Blogger gets 1,000 lashes and ten years, blood-thirsty ISIS terrorist gets Seven year prison.

Saudi Justice? Blogger gets 1,000 lashes and ten years, blood-thirsty ISIS terrorist gets Seven year prison. (IHN).

A penal court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a Saudi national to seven-year imprisonment for joining the ranks of ISIS in Syria, and placed a seven-year travel ban on the convict to be enforced after the termination of his jail term, according to Alalam News Network.

The Saudi man, who has injuries in his leg, has been found guilty for ignoring the king’s order and leaving the country without a royal order, joining ISIS and fighting alongside the [terror] group, transferring computer devices to an agent who recruits militants for ISIS and keeping content dangerous to national security in his cell phone.

Five years of the seven-year imprisonment are for the breach of the king’s order and money laundering law, and one year for infringement of the cybercrime law. Hmmm......Islamic law 101, Blogging is worse then being a member of ISIS.

'Advanced Islamist Dictatorship' Turkey is the state with most requests for content blocks on Twitter.

'Advanced Islamist Dictatorship' Turkey is the state with most requests for content blocks on Twitter. (HD).

A report that was prepared by academics of TOBB University has revealed that Turkey, as a country, requested the most content-blocks from social media website Twitter in 2015.

The report, named Basın Özgürlüğü Raporu (Press Freedom Report), shows the number of requests to block certain content that were sent to Twitter by the Turkish state since 2012. Having sent seven requests in 2012 and nine in 2013, the courts and state institutions in Turkey dramatically increased requests with 663 in 2014 and 718 in the first 6 months of 2015, making Turkey the state with the most requests of content blocks on Twitter.

The Press Freedom Report that was published by the Ankara-based Freedom Research Association (FRA) was prepared by two TOBB members of staff, Dr. Burak Bilgehan and Dr. Başak Yavcan.

The report also mentioned that a total of 392 journalists were sued for insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan over the past year. The report says that certain articles under the anti-terror law and the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) have been used as the basis for pressuring journalists. Read the full story here.

Syrian citizen-journalist and friend both found Beheaded in Turkey.

Syrian citizen-journalist and friend both found Beheaded in Turkey. (ReporterswithoutBorders).

Reporters Without Borders calls on the Turkish government to do everything possible to identify those responsible for murdering Syrian citizen-journalist Ibrahim Abd al-Qader in the southeastern city of Sanliurfa, where he had lived as a refugee for the past year.

A contributor to the “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” (RBSS) information network and the Ayn al-Watan website, the 20-year-old Abd al-Qader was found beheaded today at the home of a friend, Fares Hammadi, who had also been decapitated.

RBSS said it thought Islamic State was responsible for the double murder but no claim has so far been posted online. The Turkish media said seven suspects have been arrested

“We offer our heartfelt condolences to Ibrahim Abd al-Qader’s family and colleagues,” said Johann Bihr, the head of the Reporters Without Borders Eastern Europe and Central Asia desk.

We urge the Turkish authorities to do whatever is needed to bring his murderers to justice and to closely investigate the possibility that he was killed in connection with his reporting. The authorities must protect journalists who have sought refuge in Turkey.”

The RBSS network was created in April 2014 to document Islamic State’s atrocities in Raqqa, a city in northern Syria that the jihadi group has controlled since the start of 2014.

After quickly establishing itself as one of the most reliable sources of information about what is happening in Raqqa, RBSS this year received an International Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). Its contributors are under permanent threat from IS, which has declared them to be “enemies of God.” Hmmmm......I wouldn't hold my breath on Turkey solving any ISIS Related crime. More on this story here.

IDF coordinating with Russia, Egypt to assist Russian plane crashed in Sinai - Live Updates

IDF coordinating with Russia, Egypt to help locate Russian plane crashed in Sinai. (JPost).

An IDF spokesperson said Saturday that the army is coordinating with both Russia and Egypt to help locate the remnants of a Russian plane that crashed in the Sinai earlier in the day.

The IDF sent out surveillance aircraft to comb the area where the aircraft is believed to have crash landed. The IDF added that it would be ready to offer further assistance to Russia and Egypt if necessary.

In addition, Magen David Adom offered 30 of its ambulances and its air lift helicopters to assist Egyptian first responders following reports that there were still survivors at the crash site.

A Russian airliner carrying 224 passengers and crew crashed in Egypt's Sinai peninsula on Saturday, the Egyptian civil aviation authority said, and a security officer who arrived on the scene said all aboard the plane were probably dead.

The Airbus A-321, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia with registration number KGL-9268, was flying from the Sinai Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg in Russia when it went down in a desolate mountainous area of central Sinai soon after daybreak, the aviation ministry said.

The bodies of about 100 passengers were found among the wreckage of the Russian airliner which crashed in Egypt's Sinai peninsula Saturday, an Egyptian security official at the scene told Reuters.

Bodies of all children have been recovered, he added. Seventeen children, aged 2 to 17, were on board. Officials say that the chances of finding any survivors are slim. However, unconfirmed reports suggested that voices of trapped passengers could be heard in sections of the wrecked plane.

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport authorities said that all of the people aboard the aircraft were Russian.

An Egyptian Health Ministry official said 45 ambulances were sent to central Sinai's Al-Hasana City, adding that an "emergency status" was declared.

There were no indications that the Russian Airbus was shot down, Egyptian security sources said. Egypt's North Sinai is home to a two-year-old Islamist insurgency and militants affiliated to Islamic State have killed hundreds of soldiers and police.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a statement expressing his condolences to the families of the victims, and has declared November 1 a national day of mourning. Read the full story here.

Updated 01 Nov.:

UPD at 5:24 p.m. MSK: Investigators have questioned the staff who performed technical maintenance on the aircraft of the Kogalymavia airline company, and the crew of the A321's Egypt-bound flight, Russian Investigative Committee (RIC) spokesman Vladimir Markin told Interfax on Sunday.

"They questioned officers from air navigation support units, the staff who provided technical maintenance for the aircraft of the Kogalymavia Airline Company, and the crew of the Samara to Sharm el-Sheikh flight performed by the crash aircraft on October 30," he said.

Peter Goelz, a CNN aviation analysts and former managing director of U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, told the network that the catastrophic failure in the plane could have been caused by maintenance problem. “It could have been a center fuel tank that might have exploded,” Goelz said.

Air traffic control recordings don’t show any distress call, Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Hossam Kamel said today.

There was absolutely nothing abnormal before the plane crashed,” Kamel said. “It suddenly disappeared from the radar.

In Samara, the last point of the plane\'s refueling, investigators seized samples of the fuel and other documentation concerning the pre-flight inspection of the technical condition of the aircraft, Markin said. "The samples are due to undergo forensic tests," he said. Hmmm......Sounds like they suspect foul play.Read the full story here.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Saudi Arabia says those who are most exposed to ISIS recruitment are… runaway expat maids.

Saudi Arabia says those who are most exposed to ISIS recruitment are… runaway expat maids. (AN).

JEDDAH: Runaway and illegal workers are in danger of being exploited by terrorist groups, according to experts. These workers, especially women, are the most vulnerable to exploitation by terrorist groups such as Daesh, according to the government’s security agencies, a local publication reported.

The Ministry of Labor’s annual report recently stated that 86,549 domestic workers have absconded from their employers, with women making up 60 percent of this number. Will: This means: 51,929 women are on the run? Hard to believe such a huge number.

Brig. Saad Al-Shahrani, dean of admissions and registration at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, said many of these workers are illiterate or have basic education, which make them ideal targets for terrorists because they can be manipulated into taking up arms and carrying out attacks.

He said many workers run away from their sponsors because they are lured by better money and jobs. They are often assisted by compatriots. “Foreign women workers on the run are more easily exploited by these terrorist groups.

Women also move easily between cities because they are subjected to fewer security checks. This is probably why we need to employ women at check points to deal with this weakness in our system,” he said.

Sultan Al-Anqari, former director general for crime research at the Ministry of Interior, said it was important to clarify the nature and objectives of these terrorist organizations.Daesh and other terrorist groups are in fact all mercenary militias consisting of foreigners working for money, with the support of foreign states aiming to destabilize the Arab world.”

Al-Anqari added: “They are only using religion as camouflage so that they can attract simple-minded people and use them as tools to achieve their plans in the Middle East. They have tried and failed to implement other plans in the region.

He said illegal workers are easy to recruit, especially women, who often need a safe place to stay and work. These women are then used to sell drugs, sell themselves and forced to beg, all activities that can be used to fund terrorist organizations.

He said Daesh members are unlikely to recruit Saudi women because they fear they may be reported to the authorities. Hmmmm......I'm sure the abuse suffered by these maids has nothing to do with them fleeing this 'Paradise on Earth'.


Jews and Refugees in Europe.

Jews and Refugees in Europe. PressurePoints. By Elliott Abrams.

Prof. Daniel Byman (of Brookings and Georgetown) wrote recently that

If the refugees are treated as a short-term humanitarian problem rather than as a long-term integration challenge, then we are likely to see this problem worsen.

Radicals will be among those who provide the religious, educational, and social support for the refugees – creating a problem where none existed.

Indeed, the refugees need a comprehensive and long-term package that includes political rights, educational support, and economic assistance as well as immediate humanitarian aid, particularly if they are admitted in large numbers.

If they cannot be integrated into local communities, then they risk perpetuating, or even exacerbating, the tensions between Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Europe.

The non-Muslim communities most likely to feel the brunt of those tensions are Jewish communities. German Jewish leaders explained the problem to Chancellor Merkel this week, warning of “widespread anti-Semitism among Muslim youth” in Germany and noting that “Many refugees come from countries where Israel is an enemy; this resentment is often transferred to Jews in general.There are also reports that Germany’s security agencies have expressed the same warning. Read the full story here.

Video - Egyptian TV Host and Historian Concur: 'Burning Is the Only Solution for the Jews'

In a recent TV interview, host Dr. Muhammad Khaled and his guest, Islamic history professor Yusri Ahmad Zidan, agreed that burning was the "only solution" for the Jews. "The history of the Jews has been black since the dawn of time," said Khaled. "Nebuchadnezzar burned them, the Crusaders burned them, and even Hitler and Nazism burned them. Is burning the only solution for the Jews?" he asked. "So it seems. So it seems," Zidan concurred. The interview aired on the Egyptian Al-Rahma TV channel on October 27.

MI5: Islamic State terror group is planning a massive attack in the United Kingdom.

MI5: Islamic State terror group is planning a massive attack in the United Kingdom. (TOI).

The Islamic State terror group is planning a massive attack in the United Kingdom, and the current level of threat posed by its homegrown members is the highest in over 30 years, according to the head of Britain’s domestic security service.

At an annual defense and security conference, MI5 Director-General Andrew Parker said that over the past 12 months, his agency has thwarted six IS terror plots in Britain and seven abroad.

We are seeing plots against the UK directed by terrorists in Syria; enabled through contacts with terrorists in Syria; and inspired online by ISIL’s sophisticated exploitation of technology,” he said, using another acronym for the terror group.

On top of that, in a range of attacks in Europe and elsewhere, this year we have seen greater ambition for mass casualty attacks. All of this means that the threat we are facing today is on a scale and at a tempo that I have not seen before in my career,” added Parker, who has been in intelligence for 32 years. Read the full story here.

Big trouble brewing in Saudi Arabian Royal clan?

Big trouble brewing in Saudi Arabian Royal clan? (FR24).

A power struggle is emerging between Saudi Arabia's two most powerful princes, analysts and diplomats say, as the secretive kingdom confronts some of its biggest challenges in years.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the king's 56-year-old nephew, is first in line to the throne but Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, believed to be about 30, is Salman's son and a rising power.

Mohammed bin Nayef is interior minister while Mohammed bin Salman runs the defence ministry, and their growing rivalry is making itself felt, experts say.

In the months since, the younger Mohammed bin Salman has moved to shore up his power, analysts say.

"A lot of people see this as a kind of a coup... that it's one faction taking power for itself," says Stephane Lacroix, a specialist in Saudi Arabia at Sciences Po university in Paris.

Moqren's case shows that "this position of deputy crown prince is a bit precarious," and helps explain why Mohammed bin Salman has been reinforcing his position, a Western diplomat says.

In addition to being defence minister, Mohammed bin Salman heads the kingdom's main economic coordinating council as well as a body overseeing Saudi Aramco, the state oil company in the world's biggest petroleum exporter.

"Mohammed bin Salman is clearly amassing extraordinary power and influence very quickly. This is bound to unsettle his rivals," Wehrey says.

The deputy crown prince "has this need to structure his position to become, at the moment his father dies, irreplaceable" because he has no assurances of how Mohammed bin Nayef, as king, would treat him, another foreign diplomat says.

Mohammed bin Salman, who has a close relationship with his father, has been "acting as if he was the heir apparent, so this obviously creates tensions," Lacroix says.

But there has not been a broader move against the interior minister, who is widely respected abroad for having led Saudi efforts against Al-Qaeda and other jihadists.

"I think they'd be shooting themselves in the foot if they cut Mohammed bin Nayef out," the Western diplomat says.

"He's well-respected. He's the one guy in the West who is trusted, particularly on counter-terrorism."

The crown prince has the loyalty of interior ministry forces, and most members of the royal family would support his ultimate rise to the throne as "something normal," the other diplomat says.

For now, analysts and diplomats say, the rivalry appears contained and there is little chance that the House of Saud will implode.

"People have been writing off the al-Saud for a long time for various reasons," the Western diplomat says. "They're still here... still an island of stability in the Middle East." Hmmm....The Saudis 'Island of peace and stability' LOL. Read the full story here.

Video - Hezbollah Leader’s Broadcast address unwittingly Revealed Important Intell About His Security Detail.

Algemeiner reports that the video was significant, according to Israeli intelligence analyst and Intelli Times blogger Ronen Solomon. Solomon, who has been observing Nasrallah’s security detail for years, said the video exposed elements of three circles of protection around the Hezbollah leader.
The first is Nasrallah’s personal protection unit, made up of many bodyguards, selected from Nasrallah’s family members and trained in Iran — and possibly also in North Korea.
The second is comprised of snipers, spotters and undercover bodyguards. It provides the first circle with logistical support.
The third consists of an elite Hezbollah guerrilla unit, which clears and secures areas in which Nasrallah moves, with roadblocks, checkpoints and other strategic measures.
Keeping abreast of Nasrallah’s methods of protection is key to Israel, which has targeted the Hezbollah leader for years, according to PZM. Read the full story here.

Video: Takeover of Turkish newspaper as 'trustee' sacks journalists on the spot

Hasan Ölçer, one of the trustees appointed on Monday to take over the management of the İpek Media Group following a controversial court decision, insulted several employees of the Bugün daily during a meeting on Thursday, and unlawfully dismissed those employees who refused to act in line with their orders. A number of employees from the Bugün daily, including Editor-in-Chief Erhan Başyurt, Publishing Coordinator Mehmet Yılmaz and Managing Editor Güngör Ergun, were fired on Thursday in a wave of dismissals decided by the newly appointed trustees.

Obama 'admin' Tries Halting Deportation of Illegal Aliens “Ethnically Profiled” by Cops.

Obama 'admin' Tries Halting Deportation of Illegal Aliens “Ethnically Profiled” by Cops. HT: Judicialwatch.

Two disturbing cases highlight the serious problems with the nation’s immigration laws under the Obama administration;
In one, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) accused a local police department of racial profiling for arresting two previously deported illegal immigrants and turning them over to federal authorities for removal. 
In the other, the Department of Justice (DOJ) charged a public school district with discrimination for verifying the immigration status of its employees.
The Obama DOJ has also gone after private businesses for verifying workers’ immigration status. Last month Judicial Watch reported on a case involving a Nebraska meat packing company accused by the agency of discrimination for requiring employees to furnish proof that they are eligible to work legally in the U.S. The business, Nebraska Beef Ltd, was forced to pay a $200,000 civil penalty and provide uncapped back pay for individuals who lost wages because they couldn’t prove they are in the country legally. The company also had to agree to long term “compliance monitoring” by the feds. Read the full story here.

Video - Bavarian PM Horst Seehofer has given Merkel until Sunday to close 'open door' for refugees.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Obama 'Admin' releases another High risk detainee from Guantanamo prison.

Obama 'Admin' releases another High risk detainee from Guantanamo prison. (WE).

The Pentagon has transferred another detainee from the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, bringing the number of prisoners left to 113.

Peter Cook, the Pentagon's press secretary, announced Thursday that Ahmed Ould Abdel Aziz was repatriated to Mauritania.

"The United States is grateful to the government of Mauritania for its willingness to support ongoing U.S. efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility," Cook said in a statement. "The United States coordinated with the government of Mauritania to ensure this transfer took place consistent with appropriate security and humane treatment measures." Hmmm............


Video - Saudi TV Host Abdulellah Al-Dosari Celebrates Death of Iranian Pilgrims in Hajj Stampede in Mecca

Saudi TV host Abdulellah Al-Dosari recently praised Allah for the death of some 300 Iranians in the recent Hajj stampede in Mecca. "Praise be to Allah, who relieved Islam and the Muslims from their evil," he said. "We pray that Allah will usher them into Hell for all eternities." The statements aired on the Saudi Wesal TV channel on October 3, 2015.

Video - Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Nasrallah: The U.S. Supports ISIS, Runs the Entire War in Our Region

Video - Meet The ‘Poor Italian Architect' Who Designed ‘Putin's Palace'.

 Video - Meet The ‘Poor Italian Architect' Who Designed ‘Putin's Palace'.(Rferl). Read and see the full story here.

Video - Middle East scholar on Israel: "This is not an Intifada. This is a Holy War."

Middle East scholar Mordechai Kedar explains why the recent knife attacks all over Israel is not so much a political intifada, but Islam's fight for it's very survival, with respect to Jerusalem and Temple Mount.

Turkish Whistle blower: "Erdogan's planning coup will rule as Supreme Commander, shall take over Turkish government"

Turkish Whistle blower: "Erdogan's planning coup will rule as Supreme Commander, shall take over Turkish government" (Bugun).

Having made it no secret his intention to transform Turkey so he can wield absolute authority with no checks and balances, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has allegedly begun the final push to implement a “palace coup” and wrest control of the Turkish government from its parliament.

Erdoğan is playing his final hand to bring about the palace coup he has been planning for a long time. His plans have been swiftly put into action,” wrote government whistleblower and Twitter phenomenon Fuat Avni Wednesday morning.

Fuat Avni has been a thorn in the side of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Justice and Development Party (AK Party) for the past two years, having correctly revealed many of their top secret plans.

The National Intelligence Agency (MİT) law and other similar legislation have already prepared the foundation. He’s establishing a state within a state. The armed force he needs for the coup, he plans to draw from his own special forces and the police,” said Avni.

Critics have often accused the AK Party of politicizing the police force through selective examinations, ideological appointments and purges.

Fuat Avni points out that alternative institutions have been molded so as to support such a palace coup, most notably the intelligence, security and judicial apparatuses. “Cliques bound to Erdoğan's inner circle have already been established within the National Intelligence Agency (MİT), the police and the judiciary.”

Having tried every other method to realize a palace coup, Erdoğan's current agenda is no longer to be made executive president, but rather Supreme Commander,” Avni added.

Avni said that Erdoğan has dismissed warnings from his inner circle that the Turkish military – which has always played a major role in civilian politics, even enacting multiple coups – might object to an AK Party takeover. “Up till now they have always gotten whatever they wanted. That era is over. Now it's our turn,” Erdoğan allegedly told the skeptics among his advisors.

They no longer care if various institutions, including the military, object to the palace coup. The plans are going to proceed regardless of their objections,” added Avni.

The government and the ministries have all been completely dissolved. All plans, all governance, already comes from his inner circle... Erdoğan sees himself as the state. If the president can get his base to accept this new structure, then the palace coup will be announced,” he wrote.

Ready to pick fights with every institution of the state and declare himself Supreme Commander, Erdoğan seems to have lost his mind,” added Avni, claiming that the few reasonable people who have tried to caution the president have only enraged him further.

Erdoğan is dragging the country to disaster on his way out. All but two or three people around him see the looming disaster, but they are too terrified to make a peep.” Hmmmm........Well perhaps the EU Cowards will organize his coronation. Read the full story here.

Cowardly Withheld EU report raps Turkey on rights, media, justice.

Cowardly Withheld EU report raps Turkey on rights, media, justice. (TZ).

A European Commission report on Turkey, held back until after next Sunday's election to avoid antagonising President Tayyip Erdoğan, accuses Ankara of backsliding on the rule of law, freedom of expression and judicial independence.

A copy of the draft annual progress report on Turkey's EU candidacy, seen by Reuters, also cites a severe deterioration in the security situation and an increasing politicisation of the state administration as Erdoğan's AK Party, in power for the last 13 years, tightens its grip.

The EU executive, which is urgently trying to secure Erdoğan's help to stem flows of Syrian refugees and other migrants from Turkey to Europe, insisted it had not delayed the report for political reasons.

It also said it was up to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to decide when the progress reports on candidate countries, usually released in October, are approved and published.

In the forensic language of the Commission's department for enlargement negotiations, the draft describes an overall drift towards more authoritarian governance in Turkey.

"The outgoing government has made efforts to reinvigorate the EU accession process," it says. "However, this commitment was offset by the adoption of key legislation in the area of the rule of law, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly that ran against European standards."

"The situation has been backsliding since 2014," it said. "The independence of the judiciary and the separation of powers have been considerably undermined and judges and prosecutors have been under strong political pressure."

Juncker told the European Parliament on Tuesday that, despite human rights concerns, "whether we like it or not, we have to work with Turkey". Hmmm.....In other words 'we are cowards when it comes to Human rights and freedom of speech, bending over for an Islamist dictator'. Read the full story here.

Challenging Khamenei, Rafsanjani Reveals: We Had Nuclear Option In Iran-Iraq War.

Challenging Khamenei, Rafsanjani 'Fulfill Iran's Obligations Under The JCPOA' and Reveals: We Had Nuclear Option In Iran-Iraq War. (MEMRI).

On October 26, 2015, Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of Iran's Expediency Council and the political rival of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, gave a comprehensive interview to the website "Iranians' Nuclear Hope."[1] 

In the interview, he says that, during the Iran-Iraq war, Iran kept the nuclear option in case it felt threatened or required this option, but chose not to act in this direction.

Rafsanjani also personally comes out against Khamenei's directives regarding the JCPOA by calling on Rohani's government to meet Iran's obligations under this agreement from July 14, 2015. This is in direct defiance of Khamenei, who on October 21, 2015 ordered Rohani's government to delay meeting these obligations until nine new conditions he has added to the JCPOA have been met.[2]

Rafsanjani stresses in the interview that the majority of the Iranian people, some 80-90 percent, support the JPCOA as it was presented in July, thus creating a potential for fermenting a civil uprising against Khamenei.

Furthermore, Rafsanjani admits that both he and Khamenei were personally in charge of the development of Iran's secret nuclear program: he during his term as the Majlis speaker and later as president, and Khamenei during his presidency and later during his service as Supreme Leader.

In fact, Rafsanjani reveals that, during his presidency, he sought to develop the Arak heavy water facility, in the plutonium track, and invested resources in it, though at another point in the interview he rebuts domestic criticism by explaining that Iran's concessions regarding the Arak facility do not harm Iran's national interest since the main use of the plutonium track is "for military purposes."

By these statements Rafsanjani confirms suspicions that Iran tried to establish a military nuclear project.

By the very act of calling to meet Iran's commitments under the JCPOA and thereby gain international legitimacy for Iran's peaceful nuclear program, Rafsanjani exposes Khamenei as one who insists on the military nuclear option and challenges him to relinquish this option so as to let Iran take its rightful place in the international arena.

The following are translated excerpts from Rafsanjani's interview, read the full story here.

Related: Iran’s Arak nuclear reactor will be redesigned in accordance with the Supreme Leader’s guidelines.

BTW ----->

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Turkish, UAE, Qatari jets flew 500 ISIS militants to Aden, report.

Turkish, UAE, Qatari jets flew 500 ISIS militants to Aden, report. (IH).

A spokesman for the Syrian army has said that 500 ISIS terrorists have been flown to Aden on board four Turkish, Emirati and Qatari airplanes, Lebanon’s Al-Manar news website reported.

The terrorists were transferred to southern Yemen after Russian airstrikes caused ISIS to withdraw from its positions in Syria. In Aden, officers of the Saudi-led coalition divided the terrorists into three groups and sent them to the Bab-el-Mandeb (Mandeb Strait) and Marib in Yemen, and Jizan Region and Asir Region in Saudi Arabia to join the coalition’s ground forces.

Afghanistan - Taliban have torched a Girls school in Loger province.

Afghanistan - Taliban have torched a Girls school in Loger province. (pajhwok).

PUL-I-ALAM (Pajhwok): Unidentified gunmen have torched a girls’ school in Pul-I-Alam, the capital of central Logar province on Wednesday morning, an official said.

Mohammad Shahpur Arab, the governor’s spokesman, told Pajhwok Afghan News the attackers set aflame the Haji Glon Secondary School before dawn.

He said around 500 girls were attending the school that lost all its rooms, including the administration block. The record room containing student documents was also destroyed.

We would open another area for students to continue their education until this school is reconstructed,” Arab said, adding security forces had launched an investigation into the incident.

A resident of Haji Glon area, Syed Ahmad, told Pajhwok Afghan News that unknown men torched the school around 3am.

We extinguished the fire when we came to the school in the morning and then reported the arson attack to the education department,” he said.

He added most parts of the building were completely destroyed. The Haji Glon Secondary School was established in 1993. A boys’ school was also torched by unknown gunmen in the Purak area of the provincial capital earlier in the year.

World decries Ankara’s seizure of critical media, says election now suspect

World decries Ankara’s seizure of critical media, says election now suspect.(Bugun).

The largest group in the European Parliament, the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) was quick to condemn the move.

“This attack just five days before the election is a major attack against democracy and shows that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is willing to sacrifice all democratic principles to secure a parliamentary majority,” noted Renate Sommer, the Christian Democrats’ shadow rapporteur on Turkey, in a written statement released Tuesday.

“Any talk of free and fair elections under these conditions is pointless,” she added.

On Monday, less than a week before the Nov. 1 snap election, Ankara ordered the seizure of Koza İpek Holding, which owns several media properties critical of the government. Hmmm.....The World...especially the EU will do nothing, tthe EU is a toothless dog all bite....Erdogan knows this. Read the full story here.

Video - Palestinian Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque Rally Calls to Restore the Caliphate, Annihilate the Jews.

At a rally held at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinian preacher Ali Abu Ahmad said: "Allah willing, the Caliphate will be the one to liberate Jerusalem very soon, after annihilating the rulers of the wicked [Arab] mini-states,... and it will annihilate the Jewish entity." He further called upon Allah to "annihilate the Jews" and to "bring the whip of torment cracking down upon them." The address was posted on the Internet on October 24, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Palestine Preacher Ali Abu Ahmad: "Oh servants of Allah, who is more worthy of defending the people of Palestine? Is it the US army, the European army, the Russian army, or the Pakistani army? Indeed, oh servants of Allah, who is more worthy of defending the Muslims? Is it the armies of the infidels, which are killing us everywhere? Or is the armies of the Muslims? Yes, the armies of the Islamic nation are our guns, and they were turned against us by the rulers of the wicked (Muslims) mini-states, in order to kill us. But Allah willing, very soon we shall regain these guns, and we shall turn them against the enemies of the Islamic nation: the Jews, the Americans, and the Russians.


"Oh servants of Allah, the issue of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is not merely about Jews storming the place of the Prophet's nocturnal journey, and defiling it. It is about an entity that is plundering the lands of the Muslims. This issue will only be resolved through the return of the Caliphate, Allah willing. The Caliphate conquered Jerusalem, liberated and protected it, and Allah willing, the Caliphate will be the one to liberate Jerusalem very soon, after annihilating the rulers of the wicked mini-states and it will return the nation to its rightful path and annihilate the Jewish entity.


"Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews."

Crowd: "Amen."

Ali Abu Ahmad: "Oh Allah, let us kill them."

Crowd: "Amen."

Ali Abu Ahmad: "Oh Allah, make the ground swallow them up, along with their homes."

Crowd: "Amen."

Ali Abu Ahmad: "Oh Allah, they oppressed the people and sowed corruption throughout the land. Oh Allah, bring the whip of torment cracking down upon them. Amen."

Crowd: "Amen."

 Hmmm......Obama's 'peace partners'

Video - former Hamas interior min Fathi Hammad Encourages "Plunging Knives in the Chests and Bellies of the Enemies"

Video - MP Nabil Al-Fadhl Slams Kuwait's Handling of Terrorism, States: 'Obama Fooling the World about ISIS'.

In an Octboer 18, 2015 interview with the Kuwaiti Al-Shahed TV channel, MP Nabil Al-Fadhl slammed the way Kuwait was handling terrorism, saying that anti-terrorism legislation was required, and criticizing both Sunni and Shiite extremist religious ideology.

Al-Fadhl further said that Obama was "fooling the world by declaring war against ISIS" when he was in fact standing alongside it. HT MEMRI.

Iran’s Arak nuclear reactor will be redesigned in accordance with the Supreme Leader’s guidelines.

Iran’s Arak nuclear reactor will be redesigned in accordance with the Supreme Leader’s guidelines. (Taz).

Redesigning the Arak nuclear reactor will not be a single project and will be implemented in three phases, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

The project will be carried out under the management of Iran. In other words, all others will somehow work with us,” Iran ’s IRNA news agency quoted Zarif as saying Oct. 27.

“In the first phase, the joint statement between Salehi, the US energy minister and the Chinese counterpart was issued,” Zarif said.

“In the second phase, the official document will be signed by ministers or other high-ranking officials of Iran and the P5+1 group. And the third phase will be about details of each project related to the Arak reactor,” Zarif explained.

The redesigning process will be in accordance with the Supreme Leader’s guidelines, decisions of the Supreme National Security Council and the parliament’s approval, he noted.

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) spokesman Behrooz Kamalvandi said Oct. 26 that finalizing a document on the Arak nuclear reactor is the first and foremost step in Iran’s nuclear agreement.

However, any measure should be taken based on President Hassan Rouhani’s orders within the framework of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he added..Read the full story here.

'Refugees...not Welcome' - A far-right, anti-refugee party has won a landslide victory in Poland.

'Refugees...not Welcome' - A far-right, anti-refugee party has won a landslide victory in Poland. (

POLAND’S CONSERVATIVE LAW and Justice party won a landslide in yesterday’s general election on anti-refugee rhetoric and welfare promises, ending eight years of centrist rule in a victory that risks inflaming tensions with the EU and Russia.

The eurosceptic PiS led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski garnered an outright majority, according to projections from partial results by local television channels, ousting leftist parties from parliament for the first time since the fall of communism in 1989.

This is the first time in the history of Polish democracy that a single party has scored (an outright) majority” in the Sejm, the lower house, Kaczynski said in a victory speech after Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz conceded defeat.

He also paid tribute to his twin bother, the late president Lech Kaczynski, who died in a 2010 plane crash in Smolensk, western Russia, saying: “Without him, we wouldn’t be here today. His spirit is stronger than his body. We must keep his memory alive.”

His push for power preyed on fears arising from Europe’s worst migrant crisis since World War II and analysts said a PiS government was likely to reverse Kopacz’s decision to accept refugees under an EU quota plan.

Kaczynski claimed refugees were bringing “cholera to the Greek islands, dysentery to Vienna, various types of parasites,” in comments that critics said recalled the Nazi era.

He insists Warsaw should financially support EU efforts to tackle the crisis, but not take in refugees — a view surveys suggest is shared by nearly 60 percent of Poles.

“After eight years in opposition, Kaczynski is making a big comeback,” Warsaw political analyst Eryk Mistewicz told AFP.

Poland has become an east European heavyweight after a quarter century of explosive growth and vastly-improved living standards since the demise of communism.

Rather than aggressively locking horns with the EU, he will look for ways to extract maximum benefit from it. With Russia, he may also forego confrontation,” he said.

Analysts agree the PiS will still anchor Poland’s security policy in NATO and strong US ties as a buffer against any threat from Russia.

It will seek ways to continue heavy reliance on coal at upcoming global climate talks, and joining the eurozone will remain a distant prospect.

Some warn Kaczynski’s return could relaunch a political dynamic tinged with authoritarian overtones.

If PiS end up governing alone with an allied president, Poland will become another Hungary,” Polish Academy of Sciences professor Radoslaw Markowski told AFP. Hmmm......As i warned far right will rise all over Europe. Read the full story here.

Obama 'Admin' Gets Muslim Truckers $240k after Getting Fired for Refusing to Transport Alcohol.

Obama 'Admin' Gets Muslim Truckers $240k after Getting Fired for Refusing to Transport Alcohol.HT: Judicial watch.

The Obama administration helped two Muslim truck drivers working for an American company in the U.S. get a nice settlement after being fired for refusing to transport alcohol because it violates their religious beliefs.

It’s another one of those shameful only-in-America stories. It also marks the second time in two years that an Obama-appointed federal judge rules in favor of Muslims crying discrimination in the American workplace.

The EEOC, which has made it a mission to go after businesses that don’t accommodate Muslims in the workplace, sued on behalf of the two truck drivers.

The EEOC’s efforts are part of a broader Obama administration plan to protect and advance Muslim rights in the U.S.

This includes dispatching the nation’s Attorney General (at the time Eric Holder) to personally reassure Muslims that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is dedicated to protecting them and allowing a terrorist organization to dictate how law enforcement officers are trained.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), actually got the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to purge anti-terrorism training material considered offensive to Muslims. Judicial Watch obtained hundreds of pages of FBI documents with details of the outrageous arrangement and published a special report. Read the full story here.

'Advanced Islamist dictatorship' Turkey - Police raid offices of critical media group days before election. Live Updates

'Advanced Islamist dictatorship' Turkey - Police raid offices of critical media group days before election. (TD).

Turkish riot police stormed the headquarters of critical media outlets in İstanbul shortly after dawn on Wednesday, with journalists from the paper making fruitless efforts to prevent them from entering into the building.

"Dear viewers, do not be surprised if you see police in our studio in the upcoming minutes," an anchor from Bugün TV, which is one of the seized media outlets, said as he narrated the drama unfolding outside the media company.

Hundreds of people, most of them journalists from media outlets affiliated with Koza İpek Holding, thronged outside the headquarters of the company to protest the seizure of the media companies by the Turkish government.

Mahmut Tanal, a lawmaker from the Republican People's Party (CHP), tried to negotiate with police chiefs, but the riot police proceeded to enter the building, where four media outlets are operating. Police routinely used pepper spray and frequent brawls erupted as they occupied the building.

A reporter from the newspaper tweeted his bloody hands to show how he was injured while resisting police who tried to occupy his office.

Another editor, Fatih Akalan, cried at the police outside the building in futile attempts to protest the takeover. A number of reporters just stood outside with tears in their eyes, watching a newspaper or a TV station they had worked at for years being taken over by the riot police.

The takeover of the management of Koza İpek Holding's 22 companies, including critical TV stations Bugün TV, Kanaltürk and two newspapers, comes just days before Turkey is set to have a repeat parliamentary election on Nov. 1. The move has intensified concerns about the deteriorating state of freedom of speech and of the media in Turkey. Hmmm......welcome to Erdoganistan loved by the EU Parliamentarians and his BFF Obama. I hope this make Turkish voters realize what is at stake is their freedom.Read and see the full story here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The UN has removed alleged Khorasan leader Mohammed Islambouli from AQ sanctions list.

The UN has removed (Turkey based?) Mohammed Islambouli from AQ sanctions list. (UN).

Decision Taken Following Review of Delisting Request Submitted through Office of the Ombudsperson

On 26 October 2015, the Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999) and 1989 (2011) concerning Al-Qaida and associated individuals and entities removed the name below from the Al-Qaida Sanctions List after concluding its consideration of the delisting requests for this name submitted through the Office of the Ombudsperson established pursuant to Security Council resolution 1904 (2009), and after considering the Comprehensive Report of the Ombudsperson on this delisting request.

Therefore, the assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo set out in paragraph 1 of Security Council resolution 2161 (2014) no longer apply to the name set out below.

A. Individuals

QDi.194 Name: 1: MOHAMMED 2: AHMED 3: SHAWKI 4: AL ISLAMBOLLY. Hmmm......How badly does Erdogan want SISI Gone? Read the full story here.

Mohammed Islambouli has a long history of participation and leadership in extremist groups, culminating in a partnership with Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaeda in the 1990s. Islambouli is reportedly “an expert in hijacking planes,”* and led an al-Qaeda cell in Qatar with 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.* In 1998, President Clinton was reportedly briefed about a hijacking plot involving Islambouli, although it is unclear whether Islambouli played a direct role in the 9/11 attacks.* Islambouli is the brother of Khaled al-Islambouli, one of the men convicted of assassinating Egypt’s former president Anwar Sadat. Certain reports state that Islambouli, and not Muhsin al-Fadhli, is the leader of Khorasan. - Read his full profile here. HT And Source:

'Advanced Islamist Dictatorship' - Carlos the Jackal’s lawyer appointed trustee of seized critical media group.

'Advanced Islamist Dictatorship' - Carlos the Jackal’s lawyer appointed trustee of seized critical media group.(BG).

Best known for representing Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramírez ‘Carlos the Jackal’ Sánchez and the Islamic militant terrorist group İBDA-C leader Salih Mirzabeyoğlu, lawyer Hasan Ölçer has been assigned as the trustee to 3 of the 22 Koza İpek Holding companies seized by the government.

On Monday, Ankara moved to seize Koza İpek Holding, which owns several media properties critical of the government, in the lead-up to the Nov. 1 snap election.

Upon a request by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office Monday evening, the Ankara 5th Criminal Peace Magistrate ordered Koza İpek Holding be put under receivership, with a variety of pro-government trustees appointed to replace the current board of directors.

22 companies belonging to Koza İpek Holding have been seized, with about 2-3 trustees to be appointed for each one.

One of these trustees, lawyer Hasan Ölçer, is best known for representing Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramírez ‘Carlos the Jackal’ Sánchez and the Islamic militant terrorist group İBDA-C leader Salih Mirzabeyoğlu.

The companies Ölçer has been appointed to are food firm ATP Koxa Gıda Tarım ve Hayvancılık AŞ, construction firm ATP İnşaat ve Ticaret AŞ and publishing firm Koza İpek Basın ve Basın Sanayi Ticaret AŞ.

In a 2011 speech in İstanbul, Ölçer had defended Carlos the Jackal, describing him as a “symbol of the honorable struggle against imperialism and Zionism.” Hmmmm.......Turkey is quickly becoming a hellhole like Iran. Read the full story here.

Video - The Holocaust as History and Warning.

Quote: "We are very good at murdering, but even better at lying"

German security agencies warn: "Migrants will bring Antisemitism

German security agencies warn: "Migrants will bring Antisemitism. (JPost).

BERLIN – Germany’s security and intelligence agencies expressed alarm over the influx of refugees and migrants who harbor radical Islamic views and hatred of Jews, according to a Sunday report in Welt am Sonntag.

According to a security document obtained by the paper and read by top-level agency personnel, “We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples as well as a different societal and legal understanding.”

The document, called “the non-paper” because it was not signed, stated: “German security agencies...will not be in the position to solve these imported security problems and thereby the arising reactions from Germany’s population.” (PEDIGA).

In early October, in a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel, the head of Germany’s Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, raised the community’s concern about Jew-hatred from immigrants and refugees from Muslim-majority countries.

He told Die Welt daily, that “among the people, who have sought refuge in Germany, many come from countries in which Israel is an enemy and are raised with this hostility toward Israel.”

He said the migrants “frequently carry over their resentments toward all Jews in general.” Hmmm.........As i warned before .....Prepare for the rise of extreme right all over Europe. Read the full story here.

Related: Outcry of a young German Female commissioner - 'Male Muslims have no respect for female cops or Authority'.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Saudi Ambassador posts this warning to UK in national press. 'Silence or face the consequences'.

Saudi Ambassador posts this warning to UK in national press. 'Silence or face the consequences'. (Telegraph).

Over the past few weeks, there has been an alarming change in the way Saudi Arabia is discussed in Britain. The Kingdom has always had to deal with a lack of understanding and misconceptions, but on this occasion I feel compelled to address some of the recent criticisms.

The importance of Saudi Arabia to the UK and the Middle East’s security, as well as its vital role in the larger Arab world as the epicentre of Islam, seems to be of little concern to those who have fomented this change. Yet it should be worrying to all those who do not want to see potentially serious repercussions that could damage the mutually beneficial strategic partnership that our countries have so long enjoyed.

Saudi Arabia is a sovereign state. Our Kingdom is led by our rulers alone, and our rulers are led by Islam alone. Our religion is Islam and our constitution is based on the Holy Qu’ran. Our justice system is based on Sharia law and implemented by our independent judiciary. Just as we respect the local traditions, customs, laws and religion of Britain, we expect Britain to grant us this same respect. We do not seek special treatment, but we do expect fairness. I do recognise, though, that we in the Embassy can do more to create a better understanding of my country.

The Kingdom’s contribution to Britain’s security and economy provides the foundations on which the bilateral relations between our two countries are built, allowing trade, cultural exchanges and military cooperation to flourish. Saudi Arabia ultimately provides over 50,000 British families in the UK and the Kingdom with livelihoods, thanks to commercial contracts worth tens of billions of pounds. Saudis also have an estimated £90 billion in private business investments in the UKHmmmm.......'Capish?' Tell me again why Saudi Arabia is in the UN Human rights council?  Read the full story here.

Video - Drone captures mass refugee movement near Slovenia-Croatia border crossing

Fallout from Obama’s Failed Syria Policy.

Obama: 'If We Work Hard, Afghanistan Could Be a Success...Like Iraq!'

Fallout from Obama’s Failed Syria Policy. (MEbriefing).

A small but vocal group of retired American military officers, including President Obama’s former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, have become so disgusted with the Obama Administration’s lack of a coherent strategy for defeating the Islamic State (ISIL) in Syria and Iraq, that they have publicly come out, supporting the Russian intervention, and calling for a US-Russian partnership to defeat ISIL, even if it means postponing the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Some of these retired flag officers retain deep ties to active duty officers, up to the level of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

On Oct. 5, Lt. Gen. Flynn, who was ousted by Obama as DIA head in 2014, for his criticisms of US policy in Libya, Syria and Iraq, leading to the emergence of the Islamic State and the Nusra Front out of the earlier Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), said recently that “There is no coherence, no clarity to the strategy we’ve had, and I have been very adamant about that.” Flynn went on to call for Russian-American collaboration on the single priority mission: To defeat the Islamic State and Al Qaeda, through a combination of diplomatic and military coordinated actions.

The common denominator in all of these public statements is that the failure of the US policy has created a vacuum, in which the jihadists have gained enormous power, and Russia has stepped in to directly challenge the previously undisputed pivotal dominance of the United States in the MENA region.

Even some strong anti-Russian voices have offered their assessments of the consequences of Obama’s failures.

Gen. Jack Keane, former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army, told Fox News on Oct. 11 that the Russian “alliance with Iran is an absolute game-changer and the strategic implications of it are very significant. It will impact every country in the region, who will now begin to have relationships with Russia, as opposed to the long-standing relationships they had with the US.” Keane added that the US will continue to remain a force, “but our role in the Middle East is about to be diminished significantly.Hmmm.....As i said last week Hussein Obama blocked the defense bill because he has no strategy to present by Mid February 2016* to Congress. Read the full story here.

* The bill would require the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State to jointly submit to Congress by mid-February “a strategy for the Middle East and to counter violent extremism.” 

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