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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Video - the truth about the ‪Israeli‬ ‪soldier‬ and the Palestinian boy (Shirley Temper's Brother).

Here the truth .. complete VIDEO , about the Israeli soldier, Palestinian boy with the "broken arm" (Mohammad Tamimi) and the girl that the soldier has bitten (‎Ahed Tamimi) .

An Israeli soldier who is trying to arrest a "Palestinian" boy for throwing rocks is physically and violently attacked by a group of " Palestinian " women who pull and bite at his arms and gouge his face.

The Israeli soldier tries to fight off his attackers while he attempts to arrest the boy. Not even once does he attempt to threaten the women with his gun demonstrating the morality of the Israeli soldiers and their respect for life.

Eventually he is helped by a fellow soldier and appears to leave the scene without arresting the boy due to the violence of the women and and his willingness not to further escalate the situation.

Hmmm.....Notice how the whole 'group' Cameramen included leave from the petrol station for their 'Pallywood' production.

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