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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Video - Putin inaugurates Moscow mosque with Turkish, Palestinian 'MB' leaders Erdogan, Abbas

According to the Grand Mufti of Russia Rawil Gaynetdin, Palestine has provided the equivalent of about $25,000 in financial assistance for the construction of the mosque, one of the largest in Europe and Russia.

Among those attending the reopening yesterday were Putin and the presidents of Turkey and Palestine and also the heads of Chechnya, Daghestan, Ingushetiya and Tatarstan as well as the leaders of the Muslim Spiritual Directorate of European Russia, but not those of the rival Central MSD in Ufa (

In his address at the ceremony, Ravil Gainutdin, head of the MSD of European Russia and also of the Union of Muftis of Russia, stressed that “more than ten years ago, our national leader Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin became the first of the leaders of our state in its entire history to call Russia a Muslim country.”

“Neither the tsars no the emperors nor the general secretaries of the CPSU Central Committee ever did this.” Moreover, Gainutdin continued, Putin “also stressed that Islam always was one of the foundations of Russian statehood” and that he viewed Russia “as the truest, most consistent and most reliable of the Islamic religion and the Islamic world.”

In his speech today, Putin said the re-opening of the mosque was “a big event for russia’s Muslims” because “one of the oldest mosques of Moscow has been reconstructed in his historic place. It has become the largest in Europe and acquired a new contemporary aspect, worth of the capital of single multi-national and multi-confessional country and worthy of Russia in which Islam by law is one of the traditional Russian religions.”

“Russia was established via the mutual enrichment of different traditions, cultures, and religions, and it is in this that the strength of our motherland consists,” the Russian president said. “The Muslim community of Moscow was established already in medieval times, as shown by the Tatar roots of its street names.”

In advance of the ceremony, “Moskovsky komsomolets” decided to investigate “how Islamicized” the area around the restored Cathedral Mosque had become and whether one could speak yet of a Muslim “quarter” in Russia’s capital ( Read more:

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