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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Video - Islamic Supremacy Begins With Immigration

Video - Islamic Supremacy Begins With Immigration. (ABC).

Syrian citizens are legally entitled to refugee status in any European country because of the civil war in their country.

Those using fake passports, Leggeri said, are mainly from North Africa or the Middle East, migrating for economic reasons. But he admitted that authorities do not have a complete picture of those migrating to Europe.

"We have an idea of nationalities but we don't have full profiles," Leggeri said.

Asked by the radio host whether terrorists could be reaching Europe, Leggeri said "it is not impossible but we are extremely vigilant."

Overall, the number of illegal crossings at European borders since January has gone up 175 percent, according to Frontex, reaching an estimate number of 340,000 individuals arriving in the European Union. The number only reflects people who are being registered, Leggeri said, adding that not all migrants are being registered because of the volume.

About 88,200 of those making their way to the E.U. are Syrians, according to the latest International Organization for Migration figures, which is more than the next four countries of origin put together. Read the full story here.

The Muslim Brotherhood news paper today: "We call on all countries and institutions to do all they can to support those helpless exiles, and remove all obstacles to help them move to their countries,"

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