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Friday, September 18, 2015

Turkish Spy trial reveals alleged money transfers, claim Germany True enemy of Turkey. Erdogan will bring Justice to the world.

Turkish Spy trial reveals alleged money transfers and claim Germany True enemy of Turkey.. (TZ).

Three suspects of Turkish origin have been charged with espionage in an indictment prepared by the German attorney-general that includes wiretapped phone conversations revealing transfers of huge sums of money and claims of Germany being the true enemy of Turkey.

Blasius said the police prepared 3,300 pages of transcripts from more than 20,000 wiretapped phone and Internet communications. Police only mentioned the headings of the transcripts in court, without going into detail. Blasius read headings such as "Ismail al-Buti, 500 million USD," "Swiss Bank, power of attorney, 500 million USD” and “To be given to RTE [Erdoğan]" in the Koblenz High Court.

Among the headings of transcribed messages were "Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will reach [out to] 7 billion people and bring justice to the world" and "Arab media launched a campaign against TR [Turkey], all except Al Jazeera."

A message Gergerlioğlu sent to an unidentified person on Aug. 18, 2014, stated, "Germans are our real enemies," "These [Germans] are true enemies of Islam" and "Germans did not take it well that THY [Turkish Airlines] outperformed Lufthansa."Hmmm.......Any ideas why 'Sometimes NATO Ally Islamist Turkey is doubling the seize of his army? I Guess it's to help with the potato harvest in EU[Rabia].Read the full story here.

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