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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Turkey cuts off Internet service to BFF Iran.

Turkey cuts off Internet service to BFF Iran. (Taz).

Turkey cut off Iran’s internet service by 50 Gigabytes (GB) due to some internal problems, the Iranian Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mahmoud Khosravi said.

He made the remarks while commenting on recent problems in Iran’s Internet.

The incident took place last Friday night, which affected the Internet service in Iran, the Iranian official said, Fars news agency reported Sept. 6.

He further said that the lost traffic was restored after a few hours.

Turkey is only one of the routs which provide Iran with Internet service, so the lost 50 GB of Internet traffic did not impose great impact on Iran’s network, Khosravi added.

It was similar to the recent gas pipeline explosion in Turkey, Khosravi said, without unveiling further details.

Earlier in October 2012, a pipeline supplying Iranian natural gas to Turkey was damaged by an explosion, halting gas flow, and surprisingly disrupting Internet connectivity to northern Iran and Iraq.

Internet communication lines are often installed along the existing physical routes, such as highways, power lines, rail lines or oil and gas pipelines. It was supposed that Turkish Internet and mobile provider was using communication lines along this pipeline to provide northern Iran and Iraq with Internet. Hmmm.......Testing ...1,2,3...

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