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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The U.S. Refugee Resettlement numbers, the sky is the limit?

The U.S. Refugee Resettlement numbers, the sky is the limit? (NationalReview).

The White House announced that it plans to admit 10,000 Syrians next year through the refugee resettlement program, on top of the 1,500 or so we’ve already admitted.
But the number could go much higher, since the president claims the right to “parole” into the United States anyone he wants, in any number he wants, for any reason he wants
As Senator Grassley put it this week after being informed by Secretary of State Kerry of Obama’s 2016 refugee edict: But when pressed, the administration indicated that they were considering opening the floodgates and using emergency authority to go above what they proposed to Congress in today’s consultation. The administration also has not ruled out potentially paroling thousands of Syrians into the United States.

Here’s why we shouldn’t be resettling any more than a handful of Syrians:
Cost. Reihan yesterday at a panel discussion cited a study that found caring for a refugee resettled in Norway costs 25 times more than in the Middle East
In the U.S., such costs are borne almost entirely by the taxpayers of the local communities where the State Department dumps its refugees (without even informing the local authorities). 
Even the resettlement groups and local “sponsors,” such as churches, only assume responsibility for their costs for several months, until they’re signed up for welfare; in fact, the main function of “sponsors” is to get refugees signed up for welfare. 
That’s why more than 90% of recent Middle Eastern refugees are on welfare. Concern over costs seems to be the basis of a bill offered by Representative Brian Babin (R-Texas) to suspend refugee resettlement until the GAO thoroughly studies its costs. Hmmm......If You Can't Vet'Em properly, You Shouldn't Let 'Em In. In. Read the full story here
Hmmm.........They have no money for providing food in the Middle East, but they do have money For a 25 times higher food cost in the EU - North America?

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