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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Saudi Diplomat Under Investigation For Alleged Gang-Rape, Torture of servants.

Saudi Diplomat Under Investigation For Alleged Gang-Rape, Torture of servants.(NDTv).

Gurgaon: A Saudi Arabian diplomat is being investigated after two Nepalese women rescued from his home in Gurgaon have alleged gang-rape and repeated assault.

"We were treated like animals," one of the women told NDTV.

On Monday, 40 policemen arrived at the fifth floor flat of the diplomat to find the women being beaten by two Saudi women, who allegedly spat on the police and assaulted them.

In an FIR or police complaint that does not mention the diplomat's name but only "Saudi Arab Ke Admi (people from Saudi Arabia)", the women have given the police a disturbing account of gang-rape, torture and slavery.

"We have established the identity and have enough proof against the flat owner, but diplomatic immunity is involved and we will get back to the foreign ministry," said Navdeep Singh Virk, the Gurgaon police chief.

The Saudi Arabian embassy, however, denied called the allegations false and unproven, and lodged a protest with India on the "police intrusion into a diplomat's house against all diplomatic conventions."

The two women had been working with the family as domestic helps for four months. The torture allegedly began in Jeddah and continued in Gurgaon.

The women were allegedly raped and tortured by different men who visited the house. "They raped us, kept us locked up, did not give us anything to eat," one of the women told NDTV.

One of them, a 50-year-old from Morang in Nepal, had divorced recently. The other woman, 30, has two little children in Nepal's Baglung, and a husband who has cancer.

They both took the job in desperation but were never paid.

They said they were afraid to tell anyone because they were beaten and threatened, sometimes with a knife.

The horror in that household was exposed when a newly hired help ran away after seeing the wretched condition of the women. She contacted a non-profit - Meitei India - which went to the police.

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