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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Report: Assad to give Hezbollah Soviet tank division.

2013 shows Syrian army tanks north

Report: Assad to give Hezbollah Soviet tank division.(INN).

Hezbollah may have recently declared an end to offensive combat in Syria on behalf of government forces fighting off rebel groups, but President Bashar Assad hasn't forgot to thank the Lebanese group for years of support.

That "thank you" is set to arrive in the form of 75 soviet-era tanks, the T-55 and T-72, to help Hezbollah create their own armored division for use in their fight against al-Qaeda affiliated militants, according a report Saturday in Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai.   

The Guardian also reported on Syria Saturday, quoting a report from the Royal United Services research institute which stated that Russia's presence in Syria is likely to aid the forces of the Islamic State.

According to the report, Russia's forces are currently positioned to take on smaller rebel groups like Nusra Front which are threatening the Assad regime, but also actively fighting Islamic State. Read the full story here.


  1. That's a dumb idea. How long before Hezbollah uses those tanks against Israel?

  2. How fast does a T-82 travel ?
    So I guess Russia knows or thinks Israel is supporting CIASIS ?


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