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Monday, September 28, 2015

Political Islamist and 'paramilitary' violence in 'Islamist' Turkey.

Political Islamist and 'paramilitary' violence in 'Islamist' Turkey. (TZ).By Abdullah bozkurt.

Faced with growing public discontent regarding his leadership and strong resentment of his meddlesome presidency, intrusive politician Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his band of political Islamist brethren have begun to resort more to brute force and violence than other means of intimidating opponents and critics.

On a slippery downward slope, the Islamists chose to escalate a war on Turkish democracy. When Erdoğan and his associates failed to gain traction in public debates with their overused political campaign slogans and much-abused conspiracy theories, they finally turned to harsh rhetoric, hate speech and even violent behavior.

Erdoğan urged his people to be confrontational in parliamentary debates, when controversial bills faced huge challenges from the opposition in terms of both procedure and substance. Instead of attempting to convince the opposition or compromising on amendments, he opted to use force to strong-arm opposition deputies. Justice and Development Party (AKP) lawmakers who use kicks and punches to intimidate the opposition are often rewarded with guarantees that their names will appear on the list of nominees in the next election or with privileged positions in government.

In the meantime, a relatively unknown group affiliated with the AKP, the Ottoman Hearths (Osmanlı Ocakları), is being groomed as a paramilitary nationalist youth network. It was mobilized during attacks on buildings belonging to pro-Kurdish and secular opposition parties. Ankara insiders believe Erdoğan made a pact with mafia bosses to lead this group in exchange for clearing the slate on their long list of records and convictions. Their goal is to intimidate opponents and critics of Erdoğan with sheer violence.

The second serious force to be reckoned with is composed of the renegade groups employed by the notorious Turkish intelligence agency, used by Erdoğan's political machinery to manipulate public perception in difficult times. The overtly politicized National Intelligence Organization (MİT), led by Erdoğan's close confidante Hakan Fidan, was instrumental in turning peaceful protests violent.

All of these revelations point to the conclusion that Erdoğan and his associates may go to great lengths to survive politically in Turkey. Utilizing radical and armed religious groups may be their last resort in a pattern of violence an increasing number of Turks have begun to detect, revealing the character of the political Islamist elites proven to be capable of resorting to violence and provoking ethnic and sectarian clashes.

Apparently, these Islamist rulers have no constitutional, moral or ethical boundaries. They will not hesitate to adopt scorched-earth policies. 
What they do not understand is that the specter of a bloody civil war, be it ideological, ethnic or sectarian, will mobilize the real masses against Erdoğan's rule and will likely precipitate a military coup in Turkey. Let's just hope that the Nov. 1 election will correct this anomaly and set the country straight on a democratic path with the least possible damage. Hmmmm......Somehow The Moderate Turk still believes dictators silently leave into the night after Democratic elections, time to wake up and smell the 'strong Islamist Coffe' they don't leave. Read the full story here.

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